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  1. Hello Lorna: I just read your post on my GENI page. Your asking about Rev. James Robert & Jane Binnie Godward, looking for DNA / YDNA ?? I have YDNA. these persons are of my tree. Rev. James Godward is Great-Great-Grandfather, Jane is daughter to Alexander Binnie & Susan Mcconnell.

    How can I help???

  2. Hi Lorna. Long time no speak.

    Just saying hi. I haven’t done anything in many years since we spoke last.
    Hope all is going well with your research.
    I’m still trying to get more info past Thomas and Elspeth woods ( my mother’s family) but been so busy. I’ll get around to it. Take care


  3. HI, Lorna –

    John L. Fairbairn again. Just taking another route to contact you. I Already sent you a fairly lengthy e-mail using the e-mail contact link from one of the Fairbairn Family Web pages. This is a note to take a look at your e-mail from there.

  4. Hello im trying to work on my family tree and was wondering if we were related my dads name is carl henderson grandmas name emily bell madian name grandpa carl henderson from ohio.

    • Now that’s somewhat of a L O N G S H O T David.
      Do you know how many Hendersons there are?

      Have you looked at my Henderson web page
      and seen anything by country that even comes close?

      With genealogy, start with your known family and work back step by step validating each generation as you go using actual records, NOT copying other’s trees without checking.
      Try to find Birth Marriage and Death info, and check in census records for the basics – but there are many other sources out there.

      Good luck, and if you do eventually work your way back to Stirlingshire Scotland, and connect to my lot – you will be welcomed into the family 🙂

  5. Hi Lorna
    I trust I’m not barking up the wrong tree but I do have a family puzzle that you may be able to help solve.
    My fathers aunty was Clara Honour Lethbridge born 1853. It is known that her birth surname was Rowe. She was brought up by Thomas Barnabus Lethbridge and his wife Susanna (nee Yates), who lived in the same area as William Rowe. William and Thomas were both in the Armed Constabulary. It seems more than coincidence that the name Honour is common to both, the locality is common to both. William was in NZ for a period before his wife joined him. Clara later married Frank Lethbridge, her cousin, an MP and a rich man. Clara was born in NZ as listed in Births, Deaths and Marriages.

    • Intriguing set of coincidences indeed John.
      Yes, I have Clara and Frank in my database, but no family info to go with it though.
      Adding an Honour into the name sounds a bit like rubbing salt in the wound!

      The Yates, Lethbridges and Rowes are all a bit intermingled, as are most of the early Taranaki families.

      Have you found
      is a rather sparse bio for William, but I’m pointing you to that to show just some of the DNA tested descendants we have.
      Don’t suppose Clara had any children who might be intrigued enough to test and see what comes of it?

  6. Greetings, Lorna:

    I am attempting to share my DNA information with you. However, I have figured the proper method to get it done. If my information is correct, then we are 3rd cousins.

    Glenn Jones
    AR USA

    • Hi Glenn,
      Don’t panic.
      We are back to sharing again on 23andme, so that bit worked fine 🙂
      What I’m trying to figure out is whether or not you have a tree online anywhere that I can see to explore our connection further.
      I suspect that the predicted shared relationship is a bit optimistic though, so don’t expect immediate results.
      We corresponded back in 2015 when I was trying to find you in my Ancestry results, or instruct on how you could transfer your Ancestry DNA to your FamilyTreeDNA kit.
      One thing you may care to consider is to share your Ancestry match list with me?
      You can invite people to see your ancestry results by going to your dna home page, clicking on the gear well “settings” under your name
      Then scroll down the resulting page to where you can invite others to see your results.
      Click on invite others and enter either an ancestry username or their email address and select Guest (usually).
      Send the invite.
      I’m LornaHenNZ to them.

      That would allow me to run some tools that provide to easily compare match lists between two kits.


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