Genie programs


The following are the genealogy programs & their related web sites that I use regularly:

  • The Master Genealogist (TMG)  – fantastic, flexible, program for both recording your research, sources etc and analysing your data, unfortunately no longer available for purchase but there’s still an active community of dedicated users
    • Support forum for TMG
    • Second Site  –  extremely flexible way of presenting your genealogy from TMG on the web, with a very responsive developer
    • Second site mailing list – monitored by a great lot of helpful, knowledgeable people, including the developer
  • RootsMagic (RM8) – very easy to use and navigate, and with sufficient advanced features to keep me happy.Snapshots can be uploaded to my iPad (read only). Can talk to/from FamilySearch.
  • GedSite Use your Genie Software to generate a website from a GEDCOM
    • By the developer of SecondSite above, same helpful, prompt answers.
  • The Next Generation (TNG) – comparable to the above TMG/Second Site combination, right down to the responsive developer, but generating the web pages as required dynamically from the database instead of static pages generated and uploaded to the web

See sub menus for the Online trees I also use.

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