Lorna’s genealogy precepts:

  • always squirrel everything away – those nuts will come in useful someday
  • be able to find your nuts
  • help others – your turn will come
  • stop every so often to re-evaluate:
    • where you’ve got too
    • where you are going too, and
    • review what you’ve already got
  • don’t restrict your thinking on where/when something happened
  • have patience
  • RECORD YOUR SOURCES – what you found, where and when you found it, evaluated for reliability (why was it produced? when? transcript, copy, or original?)

What you can find here:

  • general notes of a genealogical nature
  • DNA notes

You may have been looking  for my family tree, one name studies (FAIRBAIRN, RUNCIMAN), or dna projects  instead?

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