Nov 222016

A Guestbook has been added to this site. It replaces the largely defunct RootsWeb hosted Guestbook. Many of my pages may still point to the old RootsWeb page as it will take time to run updates to point to here instead. As the page says, look forward to hearing how/why you found my assorted webpages.

Nov 012016

A snapshot copy of my old RootsWeb Guestbook as at Jun 2016 has been added as a sub page to the about to be installed new Guestbook. Over time any of my sites that have a Guestbook link will be converted to point to the one  (about to be) on these pages.

Oct 302016

A snapshot as at Jun 2016 of my original RootsWeb Guestbook is now included on this site (in a sub menu under the Guestbook tab). I’ve given up waiting for RootsWeb to get theirs operational again. When I have my server back and fully operational a new Guestbook will be provided on this site instead.



Would love to hear why you visited/ how you found my site(s) so please leave a comment in my Guestbook. These are public comments visible to all, and may be moderated before publication. Please use the Contact form instead if you do not wish your comments to be published. For posts in the old (pre […]

Rootsweb Guestbook


As my RootsWeb Guestbook,  like most of RootsWeb, has been unavailable/inoperable for months (as at Oct 2016) this is an archive of my RootsWeb Guestbook page.  Comments are not enabled for this page as it is preferred that you use the newer Guestbook functionality instead. The posts below * come from a “Save Page” done […]