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Lorna’s Guestbook

Thank you for visiting my Guestbook.

Name: Joanna Featherston
<jofeath “at”>
Date: 2016-06-16
Names of interest to you Andrews
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes, 2 Andrews family photographs
URL of your homepage
Comments: Hi Lorna, I was interested to find your pages as I believe that
whilst not exactly related, we do have some relatives in common. My
great grandmother’s sister Emily Young was married to John Andrews, who I
see is a brother of your ancestor George G Andrews. I have two family
photographs of John and Emily and family, if you don’t already have
copies of them. My mother and grandmother were friendly with some of
their Andrews cousins, in particular Doug Lind and Ivy Power nee
Andrews, and I also have some photographs of them both. Please let me
know if you would like to see the photographs and/or have some of the
Andrews-Young members yourself. Thanks very much, Jo


Name: John Gardiner
Date: 2016-05-29
Names of interest to you Gardiner, Buchanan, Stewart
and if you have any photos to contribute I wish.
URL of your homepage none
Comments: Beautiful website.

Name: Sue
Date: 2016-05-09
Names of interest to you Boyd
Comments: Am researching this family for a friend Just Starting
was the daughter of Patrick Boyd and Mary Mc?ewen the ?is unable to be
read on marriage cert. Would be interested in any info on this family.
regards Sue


Name: Karen Cummins
Date: 2016-03-25
Names of interest to you Dawe
Comments: I was very excited to see John Dawe and Mary Mortimore on your
page. They are my gg grandparents and was having a very difficult time
finding more about their parents !!! They do have more children than you
have listed. I would be very happy to give any more information on them
if you would like it.
Karen Cummins


Name: Roberta Russell
<rrussell777 “at”>
Date: 2016-02-18
Names of interest to you United States
Comments: I would like to know what Haplogroup your Y-DNA is. Ours is
Henderson I-Y4115 upgraded from I-P109 and we are in the Clan Henderson
Project family I-A3. Ours is some of the oldest known Henderson’s in
the Viking area.


Name: Cathy Owens
<paddlefoot at>
Date: 2015-12-28
Names of interest to you Theophilus CREBER born 1752
Comments: Hello from New Zealand,Theophilus was my 4th Great grandfather on
my mother’s side. I am enjoying researching my family and am a member of
the genealogy society. I would love to know more about him and his
ancestors (John & William x3)


Name: David Decker-Drane
Date: 2015-10-26
Comments: Just saying hi from the msg I received from 23 and Me! We’re
obviously related on my mother’s side. Great website! Hopefully you can
teach me a bit about the genome thing; I’ve been hopeless so far.

Best regards from Evanston, Illinois, USA,


Name: John Chapman
<thejohnwchapman “at”>
Date: 2015-08-13
Comments: Whew — what effort you have put into this!

Name: Lalonnie Kailey-Jay
<Lonnielea “at”>
Date: 2015-04-06
Names of interest to you Ruth Fairbairn Perkins
Comments: my Great grandpa John Earl Perkins and grandma Ruth are buried in a
cemetery in Redington,NE. I am trying to trace her roots back. As well
as my Grandpa do you have any ideas of their actual DOB? thanks


Name: Pamela Clevenger
<clevenger.pamel “at”>
Date: 2015-01-09
Names of interest to you William Murdoch Fairbairn
Comments: Hi Lorna, I had corresponded with you a few years back and came
upon your request for more information about my greatgrandfather William
Murdoch Fairbairn that had been married to my great grand-mother
Minnie/Mary Anderson. I learned from one of my grandmother Maggie Ethel
Helm brother’s daughter that William and Minnie divorced (although I
have not found any documents for that) and William returned to calendar
with his son Thomas and the rest of the children including my
grandmother remained in New York with their mother Mary Anderson. If I
find more I will send that onto you.


Name: Nancy Nelson Cohen
<nlco23 at>
Date: 2014-12-09
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes�see below
Comments: Lorna, my husband Larry Cohen is a descendant of Elsie Fairbairn
and her first husband, Archibald Little, via their daughter Jane Little
Myers. Elsie, of course, is the daughter of David Fairborn and Jane

We have a four generation photo of Jane Little Myers
with her son James Willard Myers, his daughter Ethel Myers Wood and my
husband’s mother, E. Elaine Wood Cohen. I am happy to share it and any
other family information that may be of interest.

Nancy Nelson Cohen

Name: Laura Taylor
<taylor.lauracolleen “t”>
Date: 2014-09-25
Names of interest to you Turnbull(Jedburgh) McKenzie (Yetholm)
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: Hi Lorna, I found your page at RootsWeb but noticed that line
wasn’t reflected in your Turnbull chart. I’m related through Richard and
Isobel’s daughter Sarah. I have some information for her generation and
some photos, if you are still following that line. Laura


Name: Andrew Mckenzie
<xgelectrical “at”>
Date: 2014-09-01
Names of interest to you Janet Bain
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: Dear lorna Janet Bain is my great great grandmother , thank you
for your information my father is thrilled on your information , ps we
moved to New Zealand for a while and came to Australia in 1965 . Thank
you again andrew


Name: Andrew Mckenzie
<xgelectrical “at”>
Date: 2014-08-30
Names of interest to you John Mckenzie James Mckenzie
Comments: Dear lorna is the John mckenzie you have born in 1859/ 1860 have a
accurate death record . I have a john from latheron wheel who is a
sinclair family member born the same time dying in london 1940 I know
he had 2 sisters living in latheronwheel in the 1930’s . He moved to
london in 1881 and became a successful policeman with 4 children , his
youngest daughter used the sinclair name . Kind regards andrew


Name: anthony john harwood
Date: 2014-07-05
Names of interest to you harwood moses creber
Comments: what a fantastic family history you have

Name: Derek Murray
Date: 2014-05-27
Names of interest to you Agnes stewart
URL of your homepage N/a
Comments: Agnes Stewart Mabon was my great-grandmother. Her son Thomas, who
died in 1937 was my grandfather Agnes was a poet an storyteller. Ig
have further informajtion if you are interested


Name: Derek Murray
Date: 2014-05-27
Names of interest to you Agnes stewart
URL of your homepage N/a
Comments: Agnes Stewart Mabon was my great-grandmother. Her son Thomas, who
died in 1937 was my grandfather Agnes was a poet an storyteller. Ig
have further informajtion if you are interested


Name: Bronwyn Pitches
<bronniebish “at”>
Date: 2014-04-25
Names of interest to you Sinton/Rosie
Comments: hi Lorna, I’m researching my childrens fathers side of their Tree.
They have a ggg grandmother named Catherine Sinton. I’m finding her a
bit of a mystery. Born 1851, Scotland, Died 2/4/1939 New Zealand. On her
death cert it states shes a spinster but I know her to be Constance
Sintons mother, also no father is listed on her death cert. I see
Catherine had a daughter named Catherine Sinton in Scotland.Catherine
was 23yrs when she emigrated to NZ. Any clues? Regards Bronwyn


Name: Jo Parke
Date: 2014-04-16
Names of interest to you Walter Wight Henderson
Comments: Hi Lorna
Walter Wight Henderson was my grand-father. We have
never really known much about my Mothers side of the family so this is
fantastic to come across all this. We must be related somewhere down
the line. Love to hear from you.
Best regards


Name: Nancy
Date: 2014-03-17
Names of interest to you unknown
and if you have any photos to contribute none, sorry
Comments: Via 23 and Me, am 4th cousin of WA Henderson, but I am adopted and
have little to no knowledge except that this connection is on my
father’s side.

Am located in California, and was born in 1957 in
San Francisco. Any wayward uncles, cousins out there whose tryst with a
barmaid may have trickled down through family mythology?


Name: Bruce Dawe
<roundo at>
Date: 2014-01-14
Names of interest to you Daw, Dawe
Comments: Hi,

I like what you are attempting and hope you don’t mind
me taking a look. I am working to connect my Dawe family of Samuel and
Ann of Port de Grave, Newfoundland in the early 1700s with the south
counties of England. Do you have any links to Newfoundland?



Name: Darlene
Date: 2014-01-06
Names of interest to you Darrell, Richardson
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: If you are interested in more information on Edwin Darrell (born
1822) who married Sarah B Richardson (born c1834), and their 4 children
and descendants please let me know. I will be glad to share what I
have. You had information about Sarah Richardson’s family that I didn’t
have. Thank you.
Darlene Sisler


Name: Angus Stewart
<angus dot stewart at vodamail dot co za>
Date: 2013-11-15
Names of interest to you John Edgar Skewes (maternal grandfather)
Comments: Andrew Stewart who recently contacted you is my younger brother.

Name: caroline lawson
<caroline_lawson >
Date: 2013-10-25
Names of interest to you margaret edmonston wight, william mabon,
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: found your work through searching for some info on family.One of
their children Mary Mabon was my great gran,sadly passed away 22yrs ago.
I know also that she was in someway connected to Turnbulls as this was
her middle name, named after possible connections on her fathers side of
the family?


Name: caroline lawson
<caroline_lawson >
Date: 2013-10-25
Names of interest to you margaret edmonston wight, william mabon,
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: one of their children mary mabon was my great gran,sadly passed
away 22yrs ago. I know also that she was in someway connected to
Turbulls as this was her middle name, named after possible connections
on her dads side of the family?


Name: Marion Turnbull
Date: 2013-10-11
Names of interest to you Turnbull, Parker, Thompson, Dykes
Comments: Interested in your work on the Turnbull’s around the border of
England and Scotland as well as your links with my other side of the
tree through the Runcimans


Name: Helon Brown Williams Quiggins
Date: 2013-10-10
Names of interest to you Joseph Grainger / Ann Burden
and if you have any photos to contribute Sure
Comments: I have information about a line of Graingers I believe stems from Joseph Grainger and Ann Burden.

John Henry Williams married Ann Grainger

our family we have a Fanny, Nena, Quendrid, more Ebissa Graingers, Ann,
John, Mary. We ended up in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas.

Feel free to contact me at Would love to fill in a twig on the Grainger tree as time permits.

Date: 2013-08-28
Names of interest to you Gilles, King, Peek and family
and if you have any photos to contribute no, sorry
Comments: Hello Lorna,
I send you my warmest congratulations on your work genealogical research and the quality of your presentation of your sources.
Thank you, thank you very much
Christian from France
Sorry for my bad english it contact you from France


Name: Debra McCready
<debram at>
Date: 2013-08-19
Names of interest to you Theta Roberta MacDuff
Comments: I found you on the interne looking for Theta Roberta MacDuff, I
have also been researching the MacDuff family tree. Theta’s Father and
my great grandmother were brother and sister. I had not found her
until recently she was married on/after 1939 and divorced around 1944-45
to a Leicester William Turner his occupation was teacher. I then could
not find her after 1938 in NZ so I searched the world and came up with a
Theta Roberta Turner in Australia in 1943. There were two on the
electoral roll one in Sydney NSW (teacher# and one in Queensland
#clerk). I thought they could be the same person. I then found a
Theta Roberta O’Donnell in Queensland married to Sidney Darrell
O’Donnell in the electoral rolls. I then hit a blank, until I did a
search for the husband and found a marriage to Meta Roberta
Turner/MacDuff in Sydney 1945. Hope this helps.


Name: Rob Russell
Date: 2013-07-17
Names of interest to you Dawe
Comments: Hi Lorna,

I have just seen your post on the Rootschat website regarding DAWE DNA.

I am not a direct male descendant but I do have female DAWE members on
both sides of my family and both are from South Devon. My maternal 4th
great grandmother was Mary DAWE (b. circa 1793 in either Ermington or
Harford) and my paternal 2 great grandmother also called Mary DAWE (b.
circa 1818 in either Tavistock or Stoke Damerel).

I don’t know
if this is of any use to you but I thought you might be interested in
the area they originate from. I do have a full family tree on which shows as much information as I’ve been able to find

All the best


Name: Marian Seakins
Date: 2013-05-09
Names of interest to you Sinton New Zealand
Comments: Just making contact with you for the first time. three Sinton
brothers came to NZ from Jedburgh Scotland. I come from one of these
branches through my Grandmother who was a Sinton. I don’t know whether
you have made contact wth Margaret Jenkin of Christchurch.


Name: Veronica M L’Angelle (Glover)
Date: 2013-04-11
Comments: Grandparents. Emily Lillian Windsor Glover
Albert Henry Glover.
Father John Henry Glover
Uncles Tom / Cyril
Aunts Bet/ Bertie
Uncle Tom. I was told was divorced.Married to my Aunt Laura


Name: Kate
Date: 2013-03-12
Names of interest to you William McAdie
and if you have any photos to contribute possibly
Comments: Hi – I found your website while doing a general trawl of McAdie –
and I may be able to give you some more info on the McAdie line if it’s
of interest. I am the great-great-great-grandaughter of William McAdie,
of Wick, born c 1830 to George McAdie and (I believe) Elisabeth. He
was a Customs officer in London, and his descendants have been in London
and the south-east of England ever since. I haven’t been able to find
him on the 1851 census, but have him from 1861 onwards. Let me know if
you would life the census references.
Kind regards


Name: margaret martin
Date: 2013-02-23
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: I am cousin to Candy Montgomery. Grand daughter of Walter A.and
Clarissa H.Fairbairn.My mother was Francis Jean Glenn(Fairbairn) my Dad
was Eugene Milton Glenn. Candy has talked with you in the past and I to
would like to hear from you. Best Regards, Margaret C, Martin(Glenn) P.S
I have been Looking for info on my Glenn side and haven’t been as
lucky. The Martin side is a challenge too as my husband is from Mexico
and the records are scarce. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you Maggie


Name: margaret martin
Date: 2013-02-23
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: I am cousin to Candy Montgomery. Grand daughter of Walter A.and
Clarissa H.Fairbairn.My mother was Francis Jean Glenn(Fairbairn) my Dad
was Eugene Milton Glenn. Candy has talked with you in the past and I to
would like to hear from you. Best Regards, Margaret C, Martin(Glenn) P.S
I have been Looking for info on my Glenn side and haven’t been as
lucky. The Martin side is a challenge too as my husband is from Mexico
and the records are scarce. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you Maggie


Name: Catherine Carre
Date: 2012-12-28
Names of interest to you Baty, Harbin, Birkett, Bremner, Oag
Comments: have many folk possibly in common with you. Have letters sent
from NZ and Australia from John Foster Harbin Baty. Have a number of
identified and unknown photos from the new world some of which may be of
interest to you.

yours sincerly


Name: Anthony john harwood
Date: 2012-12-12
Names of interest to you harwood moses creber yeldon
and if you have any photos to contribute have some i could sort out
Comments: alfred charles harwood 1900 was my father married to ivy margaret
yeldon have photo somewhere of all my grandfathers family on the yedon side Tony


Name: Robert Couper
Date: 2012-12-06
Names of interest to you Hendersons Coupers Coopers Cowpers
URL of your homepage
Comments: Dear Lorna,
As you already know my mother�s
family line is connected to your Henderson�s via Margaret Aitken Cooper
the spouse of Archibald Henderson 1815 and in the few weeks we have been
in contact I have been all over your website while researching for
descendants. Apart from coming up with a couple of certificates I have
found nothing of importance to contribute to your wonderful family
history to date: but slogging and pocking continues.

Having gone
through your Guestbook from top to bottom I must take time out to say it
stands testament to your work and dedication to the Henderson cause
portrayed in all its different aspects across the web. I have
encountered some really good presentations over the time I have been
doing family research but yours just blows them all to kingdom come.
You should be very proud of such a professional presentation��power to
your elbow!

Very best wishes

Robert Couper


Name: Kay
Date: 2012-08-24
Names of interest to you Florence Devina Clinton
Comments: Do you have anymore info on Florence Devina Clinton and her
husband Otto. You mention her grand son gave you a photo of her
headstone what cemetery is she buried in.. Kind regards Kay


Name: joan Gooding
Date: 2012-08-20
Names of interest to you Hendry and Telfer
Comments: Hi,
I was looking around your site and came upon Gateshaw, Morebattle Parihs. How many people would know where Gateshaw was!
was just at Gateshaw last summer with my 3 grandchildren. It was at
Gateshaw in 1832, 33,& 36 that my gg, grandfather Thomas Hendry and
his wife Isabel Telfer had the first of 6 ch. He was a Hind there. It
was neat to see the row of houses that they lived in. They came to Am in
1837 and went to Washington Co., NY. Their son James b 1838 was the
first Hendry/Henry b in Am. and on the 4th of July.
Have you ever been there?


Name: Joan Gooding
Date: 2012-08-20
Names of interest to you Telfer, Porteous, Hendry, Little, Veth, Oliver
Comments: I just found this site and I just wanted to tell you that I have
never seen such a well organized site. I just can’t say enough about it.
Happy Hunting.


Name: Tracey Platten
Date: 2012-08-18
Names of interest to you Albert Victor Keable
Comments: hi Lorna, I have been trying to find the whereabouts of my grand
fathers brother Albert Victor Keable born in 1896 in Heveningham,
Suffolk, the only information i had up until now was that his wife’s
name was Ina & he moved to Scotland. I have only got photo’s of his
brothers & sister, if any good let me know.


Name: jeff hall
Date: 2012-08-07
Names of interest to you hall wight
Comments: I’m working on Andrew Hall Family who settled in Blenheim TWP
Ontario Canada ~1840 and originated in Roxburgh/Smailholm area. Have
Andrew W Hall B. 1791 Smailholm, son of Thomas Hall B.1766 Roxburgh and
Margaret Wight B 1763 of Bowden. Thomas Hall was son of Andrew Hall B
1736 and Isobel Colvill (AKA Colven, Colvil) B 1738. Interested if
Margaret Wight daughter of Robert Wight & Margaret Learmond of
Bowden fit in your family. Thanks Jeff and Susan


Name: noel mcadie
Date: 2012-07-24
Names of interest to you mcadie
Comments: Hi Lorna, have been doing some research on the family particularly
George of Ararat, Horsham and WA. Quite a lot on him and his children. Found a William you may be interested in and a James


Name: Veronica Root
<veronica.root at>
Date: 2012-07-10
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to come across your
website! You filled in many a missing link for me. My paternal
great-grandmother was Ruth Fairbairn Perkins. She was the daughter of
Robert H. Fairbairn Jr, granddaughter of Robert H. Fairbairn Sr,
great-granddaughter of David Fairbairn and great-great granddaughter of
Archibald Fairbairn.


Name: Tony Richards
Date: 2012-06-09
Names of interest to you Richard Henry Monkhouse
and if you have any photos to contribute Richard Henry Monkhouse is my great-grandfather. I am the son of June Lucille (Monkhouse), daughter of Harry Vivian Rutherfurd
Comments: Loved your website

Name: Jo McKenzie
Date: 2012-06-07
Names of interest to you Magnus Cormack Bain
Comments: Hi,
I was wondering if Magnus Bain as documented in your family tree married Gladys McKenzie in 1929?

Kind Regards


Name: Curt Tugnum
Date: 2012-06-07
Names of interest to you Winton Garner Gale
and if you have any photos to contribute Ask and ye shall receive…
Comments: He was my Uncle, married to my Father’s Sister. He has two sons.
He was a police officer in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He was
very instrumental in my decision to follow him into service.

His Widow is still living in Penticton, BC, Canada

Curt Tugnum

Name: Sally Chater
Date: 2012-05-28
Names of interest to you Bickle
and if you have any photos to contribute a few
Comments: I started by looking for John Creber Bickle, you know how things
grow like Topsy! My grandfather was John A Bickle and I’ve found it hard
to go back from John who married Mary Moses, not sure where he was
We could be long distant cousins. Your tree is amazing, I’m still learning and getting muddled.


Name: Sue Huggins
Date: 2012-05-10
Names of interest to you Bain-Spencer
Comments: I`m helping Grant Spencer who lives in NZ with his family tree and
noticed your site and happy to share info. His ancestor Edwin James
Spencer born 17 November 1892 Basford, Nottingham, England, married
Cecilia Ball 18 Dec 1917, London.
Edwin`s brother was Herbert A.
Spencer, Bert, born 1899,who marr NZ 1921, Eileen Hannah Bain.Children
from family notes, Jean, Ted, Pat, & twins.
Love to hear from you.


Name: sheila pryor
Date: 2012-05-05
Names of interest to you willian john/william smith dawe
Comments: I was reading on your page that you have a photo that could be one
if the Dawe family stood outside their mill . William John Dawe was my
great grandfather and I have no photos of him at all or William Smith
Dawe. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a copy of the
picture – Please.
I did come across the newspaper article mentioning
Sophia Dawe’s accident when she drowned, if you haven’t already seen it,
it can be found under Cornwall England Newspapers June 1853
Best wishes
Sheila Pryor
ps Ernest Daw was my grandfather


Name: Brian Andrews
Date: 2012-04-20
Names of interest to you Hurlstone, Perrott, marchant, foote
and if you have any photos to contribute About Mary Ann Hurlstone
URL of your homepage Foote Family In New Zealand
Comments: Hi Lorna, I like your Lorna’s Life site a good concept.
Re Mary
Ann Hurlestone and sharing the information I have researched below my
primary references were Dorset/England Births and Baptisms etc and
Hurlstone Family Tree. We have her birth year as 1832.
From your Lorna’s Life Site.
Mary Ann HURLESTON was born ABT 1830 in Dorset, England, and
died 23 SEP 1886 in Lepperton, Taranaki, New Zealand. She was buried 26
SEP 1898 in Bell Block, Taranaki, New Zealand.
From Hurlstone FT
Mary Ann HURLSTONE (Christopher33, John26, Thomas22, William21,
Edmund12, William5, Edmund1) was born in 1832 in Melbury Osmond Dorset
England, was baptized 2nd July 1832 in Melbury Osmond Dorset England,
died 23rd September 1886 in Lepperton Taranaki New Zealand and was
buried on 26 September 1886 in Bell Block, New Plymouth, New Zealand.
The cause of death was Marasmus.
From Dorset England Baptism records
Name: Mary Anne Hurlstone
Gender: Female
Birth Date: abt 1832
Christening Date: 2 Jul 1832
Christening Place: Melbury Osmond, Dorset, England
Father’s Name: Christopher Hurlstone
Mother’s Name: Jane

Mary Ann had a brother William Hurlstone 2 years older who was born and
baptized in 1830 in Dorset which tends to support the 1832 BY for Mary

Both William and Mary Ann are my family interests with Mary
being my wife’s GGGM & William is my Paternal Grandfather of
Husband of Grand aunt (I am glad someone else worked that out). It
seemed quite eerie that both our family’s had links back to the same
PS my paternal Andrews heritage is Oxfordshire region and my NZ family first arrived around 1860’s and settled in Oamaru.


Name: Sandra Lynch
Date: 2012-04-12
Names of interest to you John Richardson & Ann Blair
Comments: Hello, I’m Sandra Lynch in Hobart Tasmania. for approx 25 years I
have been searching for William Blair Richardson of Jetsonville near
Scottsdale, North-eastern Tasmania, I do believe I have found him thanks
to you. I do have a copy of his will which I’m willing to share with
you. He was my mother-in-law’s great-grandfather, unfortunately she died
age 57 and never knew who she was. My efforts are all for her with
love. I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Name: Annie
Date: 2012-04-02
Comments: Hi Lorna, we haven’t corresponded in ages, but I found this on the
cumberland@rootsweb site tonight and it looks like one of your Batys.
This is a death notice from the Carlisle Journal, Saturday 11 Oct 1834, transcribed by Petra Mitchinson

Glasgow, on the 1st inst., in childbed, Ann, wife of Mr. John TURNBULL,
and daughter of the late Mr. Wm. BATY, of Hornick Hall, near Longtown,
in this county, aged 30 years, much respected.”


Name: Elizabeth Daw
Date: 2012-03-20
Names of interest to you Francis Ambrose Daw
Comments: Young boys Alfred, Henry Oliver and Francis Ambrose jr immigrated
to Canada as orphans. Parents died of flu in Childs Hill. do believe
all of the children raised in Middlesex.


Name: Michael Pearse
Date: 2012-03-02
Names of interest to you Pearse
Comments: I have only just begun researching my family history, and I think
you have already solved a family mystery, as to the timing of the
spelling change from PearSe to PearCe and back again. I am 99% certain
that George Pearce, son of Robert Pearse and Eliza Creber, is my
great-grandfather. Here is a link to the 1901 Canadian census, showing
George (now PearSe) , his wife Annie (nee Moon I am told), daughter
Florence, sons Harrold, James (who went by Leonard, his middle name) and
Robert, my grandfather.

am extremely grateful to you for the amazing work you have put into
your research, you have given me a great head start into the murky past.
I and most of the Pearse clan live in Ontario Canada, within a few
hours of where Robert and George lived.
Thank you!!!


Name: Jennifer Sontag (kuechenmeister)
Date: 2012-02-12
Names of interest to you Fairburn and Fred McCurdy
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: Sorry I just reread my last guestbook entry and I meant to say at
the bottom that I do know the descendents of Jane Fairburn and John
Wilman but I don’t know about any of their parents or grandparents. if
anyone has info about them or wants info about the Wilmans please email


Name: Jennifer Sontag (kuechenmeister)
Date: 2012-02-12
Names of interest to you Fairburn and Fred McCurdy
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: Dear Lorna, I was looking at some very old books in my father’s
bookshelf when I found that most of them have the name Fred McCurdy in
them. One (The Sheherd of the Hills by Harold Bell Wright) was dated
Dec. 20. 1912 to Fred McCurdy from Aunt Jennie which I know is my
GGGgrandmothers sister. So I was searching for him and I found your
wonderful website 🙂

I also forgot to add that my great
grandfather is John E. Williams, his grandmother is Mary Wilman whose
mother and father are John S. Wilman and Jane Fairburn. My grandmother
knows a lot about that side of the family if you have any questions.

EMAIL ME (just replace the at with @)! I Don’t really know any
Fairburns or Wilmans besides David Fairburn and John S. Wilman if anyone
has info please email 🙂


Name: Michael Tooker
Date: 2012-02-01
Names of interest to you Sinton, Wight
Comments: Robert Sinton Married to Jane Wight. Both of Ancrum roxburg
Scotland. Daughter Barbara married to Robert Hall both also of
roxburg.Daughter Mary Elizabeth Hall born in Quebec 1853, my


Name: Cindy Young
Date: 2012-01-26
Names of interest to you Grainger – Daniel
and if you have any photos to contribute YES
Comments: I am a descendent of Daniel Henry Grainger thru – George Francis
then George Leonard then Francis Lawrence Grainger (my grandfather).
Interestingly enough my family also includes a Peter Grainger!! I have
some Military info for Daniel Henry.


Name: Gladys Boice
<three nephi five dot eleven at g mail dot com>
Date: 2012-01-09
Names of interest to you 1832 John Fairchild & #2 wife Lucinda BoI/Yce
Comments: John & Lucinda had one daughter, referred only to “Mrs. J. E.
Sullivan” in her mother’s 1908 obit. – so that is my research interest.
Lucinda & a daughter “Mattie or Nettie” are on the 1900 S. Dakota
Hot Springs census – Lucinda is a “laundress”, possibly at the military
post. Until I “surfed” your site I didn’t know of the Fairchild
military history. Appreciate all your posted info, so I could learn
more of this family.


Name: Lorna
Date: 2012-01-04
Names of interest to you SINCLAIR
URL of your homepage
Comments: Thank you Peter.
I don’t have him as dying young, merely “after 1871”, which is my last sighting of him.
Happy to update the tree with more twigs.


Name: peter sinclair
Date: 2012-01-04
Names of interest to you donald sinclair
and if you have any photos to contribute sorry
Comments: you list the children of William Sinclair and Marjory Sinclair of
Stemster and then Lybster, Latheron. One of them is Donald, born 1860.
He didn’t die young; in the 1871 census he is listed as Donald D. In
1885 he married Annie Dalgleish in Edinburgh, but he called himself
Daniel,(middle name?). The marriage record gives his parents as William
sinclair and marjory sinclair (maiden name), of Caithness, occupation
carrier. He is my great-grandfather. cheers, Peter


Name: Julie Meikle
Date: 2011-12-09
Names of interest to you john meikle and wife grace
Comments: We would love to meet and learn more about the family
John Meikle m Grace Robertson.
son John married Freda Bliss (d) and had a son Peter John Meikle. Peter
(d) married Helen, and they had a son Vincent John Meikle. Vincent John
married Maureen, they have a son- Connor.
John’s second wife was Marjorie Louisa Soanes.
Their son is Bruce Meikle (my husband). We have 3 children.
we have little knowledge of Bruce’s family, in particular John Meikle.
It was great to see that Bruce had so many relatives.


Name: Julie Meikle
Date: 2011-12-09
Names of interest to you john meikle and wife grace
Comments: We would love to meet and learn more about the family

Date: 2011-12-09
Names of interest to you sinton/holliday
and if you have any photos to contribute sinton girls/sam holliday and sons
Comments: Decendent of James & Elizabeth Gunn / Hazel Sinton / Lloyd Holliday


Name: Gordon Sutherland
Date: 2011-12-05
Names of interest to you Family History
Comments: Linked to Lorna’s family through Catherine Henderson who married my
4 times great grandfather Alexander Sutherland 28th Oct 1831 Bower.

Gordon Sutherland

Name: Jane Brooks
Date: 2011-11-15
Names of interest to you Turnbull, Toward, Thompson
and if you have any photos to contribute toward/turnbull photos

Name: gaelan
Date: 2011-10-11
Names of interest to you Do(d)ds
Comments: My great-grandfather, Christopher, was a younger sibling of
william, the son of James Dodds and Jane Tait. It is interesting to me
that one of your third generation ended up on the Prairies as did my
parents’ antecedents.
thank you. I am researching further back but so many Dod#d#s with the same forenames.


Name: David Thompson
<lynncrest at>
Date: 2011-10-05
Names of interest to you Graham, Carruthers
and if you have any photos to contribute Firbank, Kirklinton (the house where William Graham died)
URL of your homepage
Comments: I am a descendant of William Carruthers, son of George Graham, son
of William Graham. You have identified Eleanor Murray as the most
likely bride for William Graham but then rejected her as the marriage
was in Carlisle. As Carlisle is only 8 miles away, I do not see that as
such a problem and I would like to draw your attention to an entry in
the “Diocese of Carlisle Marriage Licence/Bonds”, Vol II, 1740-1752,
published by Cumbria Family History Society and Cumbria Archive Service,
1998, page 190:
1752, Dec 18
William Graham of Moorhouses, Parish
of Kirklinton, single man, yeoman and Eleanor Murray, Boghall, Parish
of Kirklinton, single woman, The Bondsman is Thomas Murray, butcher, of
Carlisle, who is her brother. [Direction: Kirklinton or St. Maries
(sic), Carlisle.]
I have slightly expanded the condensed notation
used in the book, to make more sense in a stand-alone citation. I could
tell you more about these licences if you are not already familiar with
them. Thanks very much for all the helpful work in your website.


Name: Sherman Fairbairn
<attbag at gmail>
Date: 2011-09-24
Names of interest to you David Fairbairn died in Orange California. Brother to Clyde Fairbairn, Father to my Father Ranald, his Brother, David (Stacy) F
Comments: You missed my father and his brother and sisters as decendants of
David Fairbairn one of 10 children to the Canadian Fairbairns.


Name: jeff
Date: 2011-08-21
Comments: i have a photo of a william john gerrey taken 19 october 1945 aged
20 years 10 months – i would be interested to know anything. it was
with some stuff i have about a noel francis walker??


Name: Candice Montgomery
Date: 2011-08-20
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: Just a correction to Fairbairn lineage. Walter A. Fairbairn
b.1897 was married to Clarissa Fairbairn b. 1901 (she was the daughter
of David Fairbairn b 1859 and Mina Fairbairn b.1860). They were
cousins. Their son, my father was David William Fairbairn b.1923 and
married to my mother Elizabeth Ann McDevitt b. 1922. Please let me know
how to get my brother in the DNA testing? Thank you. as a “junior”
genealogist I am most greatful for you sites. Candice Montgomery


Name: Darlene Conley Dean
Date: 2011-07-09
Names of interest to you Fairbairn, Ruby Dodds
Comments: I came across this quite by accident. I am in direct line to the
Fairbairns, Ontatio/ Quebec. I have considerable info on the Wanlass’ .
I’ve tried to print off your gen. page with no luck . I will send your
name to Win, my cousin down the line, in Edmonton.You have no doubt
been in contact with her as she notified me several years ago of the DNA
work. Haven’t had time as yet to study your work as I’m pressed for
time on my husband’s mother’s family tree. Family reunion coming up!.
Thanks. DD


Name: Sue Hodgson
Date: 2011-06-23
Names of interest to you WEA Census Records
Comments: Hi Lorna – I attended your WEA course – Census Records on 16/6 and
now have some spare time for exploring family. Have just been trying
to access your notes as suggested but I’m so thick that I can’t seem to
find any sign of them or where I might log in with the login you gave
us. Hope you might be able to help!

Sue Hodgson

Name: Robert Barden
Date: 2011-05-26
Names of interest to you Maria Jane Daw(e)_
Comments: I19606
Maria was my great grandmother, I see from your web
site that you have her as burried in Australia, I have her death
certificate and she was burried at sea, having died at sea just off the
north east corner of South America (the latitude and longditude are on
the certificate) and the cause of death is listed as general dibility
following a period of 28 days illness, there is a child listed on the
certificate who had died at 5 months around the day before their ship
left England which seems to be a couple of days after the start of her
illness. Her surviving children arrived on the GLAMIS at Maryborough QLD
along with Tom Trudgeon.


Name: Ruth Mukai
Date: 2011-05-24
Names of interest to you Janet Sinton and John McRae
Comments: Hi Lorna,

I ahve been helping my cousin research his family
Ross and McRae and wehave finall come to perhaps his great grandmother
Janet Sinton Mother of his grandma Margaret McRae born in Kiltearn,
married William Ross and come to Canada in 1906. I think these names
are in your tree. He is heading to Scotland in June and wants to more
about his family.

Ruth, Richmond BC Canada

Name: Eric Stewart
Date: 2011-04-15
Names of interest to you Bain and Harper
Comments: Let me first congratulate you on your web page. The work that must
have gone into it must have been massive. Altough I canot at this time
see any connection, there were a couple of name on Bain that were of
interest. Again congratulations




Name: joseph Rinkevage
Date: 2011-03-07
Names of interest to you Dorothy Fairbairn
Comments: I’m looking for any information you might have on a Dorothy
Fairbairn, that would have lived in the Upstate NY. area. I recievd a
call from her about 4 years ago. I’m adopted , and she said my name at
birth was Alfie Fairbairn and that she was my birth mother. She had been
injured in a auto accident. A very startling message. We never spoke
and she never left any information.

If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Joseph Rinkveage

Name: John Burnet
Date: 2011-03-05
Names of interest to you Burnetts in Cumberland
Comments: Hi Lorna, I’m just down the road at Tawa, Wgton and see that you
are interested in Burnetts in Cumberland in 1864 + (according to UK
surnames website).

I’m looking for ancestors & connections of
Robert Burnet(t) b. 1759 in Warmanbie near Annan which is only about 50
km away from Workington across the Solway Firth. Robert died at
Middlebie (about 5km north) in 1815 and his family emigrated south to
England & overseas over the following couple of generations. I know
it’s a long shot but there may have been related Burnet(t)s in
Cumberland ?



Name: Jessie Hislop
<hislgen &amp;>
Date: 2011-02-28
Names of interest to you Janet Wight
and if you have any photos to contribute possibly
Comments: Hi Lorna,
A Janet Wight had at least 3 children with a James
Clark, herd at Fowlshiels/Foulshiels, Selkirk. I’m trying to figure out
if the Elizabeth was my gt-gt grandmother.

Do you think there’s any connection to your Wight’s?

From the Selkirk OPR:
Clark, Herd in Fauldshields and Jannet Wight, his spouse had a child
baptised by the Revd McGeorge Lawson, Minister of the Msopale
Congregation. Elizabeth, b. 23 Dec 1794. Witness: in the presence of
said congregation.

James Clark, servant to Mr. Park
Fowlshiels and Jannet Wight, his spouse had a child Isoble, baptised
upon the 29th January 1792, born 14 Dec 1792 Witnesses in the presence
of the congregation.

James Clark, servant to Mungo Park, tennant
in Fowlsheils and Jannet Wright [sic], his spouse, had a child named
Eupham baptised 4th Feb 1789, born 10 Jan 1789 Witnesses: Patrick Facil
and Patrick Michellbill ?

Warm regards,


Name: Kathryn
Date: 2011-02-26
Names of interest to you Sharatt Brasnett
Comments: Just wanted to drop a note to say I have such lovely memories of
the Brasnetts (Phyllis Sharratt & Malcolm Brasnett) from when they
were living in Ipswich in the 1970s and 1980s in Sidegate Avenue –
fascinating to see them turn up on your Tree. One of their daughters is
my Godmother and they moved near to her eventually.


Name: Eileen Binns
Date: 2011-02-25
Names of interest to you Luke Andrews of Oddcombe
and if you have any photos to contribute possibly
Comments: I would like to get in touch with you. Eileen Andrews-Binns

Name: Sue Hammersmark
Date: 2011-02-16
Names of interest to you George Wight
Comments: A George sailed from Edenburough Scotland in about 1849 –
Sailed around the horn and landed in San Francisco. Do you know
anything about him. Would be my great grand father.


Name: Andrew Culton
Date: 2011-02-04
Names of interest to you Baty & Corry
Comments: Hi

Re; the above names born circa 1710.

I am
researching the name Culton and I am stuck around 1786. A son married
Eleanor Baty. David Culton. She became Helen Beattie, the Scottish
form of the name.

Almost all of my family at that time married
within bigger family groups, in-laws and the like. The is generally
some connection. Davids mother Martin has connections with the
Dicksons. They all came from east of Dumfries a stones throw from
Arthuret. There are matches there but in the Scottish form of Baty and
Corry. Beattie & Currie.


Name: brian heyes
Date: 2011-01-21
Names of interest to you thomas little
and if you have any photos to contribute book
Comments: Hi
I have a very tatty book written by Captain Cook. Hardly any text has survived but the prints are OK.
In the frontspiece, there is an inscription which says,”Thomas Little”, Lairdstown, 1794.
have researched Thomas Little and have seen that he was a witness at a
wedding in Lairdstown and also that he was a yeoman of the town. This, I
discovered from your website- is it a reltive of yours?
Do you think
that this is the same person? Am I right in assuming that Lairdstown is
in the north of England? (This is where I first acquired the book
around 35years ago).
Kind regards
Brian Heyes


Name: Lorna
Date: 2011-01-13
Names of interest to you GRAHAM
URL of your homepage
Comments: Stacey,
Check out my web pages for charts, and follow any hyperlinks for some more details on the GRAHAMS.
I don’t seem to know about your Cynthia, but have several siblings


Name: Stacey Leech
Date: 2011-01-12
Names of interest to you Graham (John)
URL of your homepage
Comments: My great grandfather was John Graham, son of John Graham and
Rebecca Maxwell Allen. His daughter’s name is Cynthia Leech (nee Graham
Mrd. David Arthur Leech), their children are Michael, Richard, Janet and
Alison. I am the oldest child of Michael. I’d love to have any more
information you know about the Grahams 🙂


Name: Carol Hudson
Date: 2010-12-29
Names of interest to you George Hudson & Elizabeth Raycroft
Comments: George & Elizabeth are my great grandparents from Renfrew
Ontario Canada. Interesting to see someone with their names listed.
Carol from MN.


Name: H Jordan
Date: 2010-11-19
Names of interest to you Shirley Fairbairn
Comments: I live in coastal Maine and have come across family movie reels w/
frustrating/vague and brief index. Reels are not relevant to my family
Mentioned is a Shirley Fairbairn-Melrose, Scotland in June, 1939.
Perhaps a friend of a woman who had ‘British Tweeds’,a clothing/fabric shop in Northeast Harbor, Maine vintage 1960’s.
Name of shop keeper was (sounds like), Deoliva.
Other names mentioned, Chart family,Helen Deightion,M. Rita and Aquitania, April 1939.
Thanks for your time.


Name: peter combellack
Date: 2010-11-12
Names of interest to you dawe/ combellack
Comments: Hello you have my 2 elder brothers down the sons of william
bernard combellack from the honor dawe line Has my brother alan been in


Name: Larry Pnkerton
Date: 2010-10-15
Names of interest to you Pinkerton
Comments: Do you know of any info available for pinkerton surname (dna) My
family comes from nc to all points west..I am presently receiving info
on my surname..would love to compare with anyone from the british
aisle,,thanks larry,,


Name: Fiona Swift
Date: 2010-10-08
Names of interest to you Robertson
and if you have any photos to contribute James Robertson? none of Hendersons unfortunately
Comments: Hi,

My great grandfather was James Robertson, son of John
Robertson and Mary Henderson. John died and Mary married a Mr Smith.
James’ sisters were Margaret #Maggie Fielder#, Elizabeth Grace Meikle,
Mary Jane Parker #then Loney#, Janet Smith. Have photos of Maggie and
Mary Jane. James had 6 kids. If you want any details let me know.

Kind regards


Name: Innes Scot Wight
Date: 2010-08-17
Names of interest to you WIGHT
and if you have any photos to contribute Could have 🙂
URL of your homepage
Comments: Hello, I am originally from the highlands of Scotland. Immigrated
to Canada in the late 50’s. Now reside Vancouver Island, BC., Canada
with my family. We are a branch of the family from Argyll. The
information I have is that our family was devasted by the English in the
12/13th century. Our lands and assets were seized by the crown and we
fled to Argyll where we were taken in by the Campbell Clan. We have
been a Sept of that Clan ever since. I was born near Campbelltown on
Sir William Lithgow’s estate. My father worked for the Laird as his
forester. I know we have family in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, back
home in Scotland & apparently some of us went to the States in the
16th century sometime. I think his name was Thomas. I have met a
distant cousin from Tacoma, Washington.


Name: Alison
Date: 2010-08-09
Names of interest to you Love Barter/Dittisham
Comments: I am researching the Blampey family tree. My greatx6 grandfather,
Joseph Blampey, married for the second time a Love Barter in Dittisham
on 16.11.1742. Apart from her burial in 1770, and the birth of one son
in 1743, I can trace no more of her. It is an unusual first name. Have
you any records of a Love Barter in Devon at this time?
many thanks


Name: William Eric Watt
Date: 2010-08-06
Names of interest to you Watt
Comments: I just came across your page on RootsWeb…I’m going to send you
some additions to the Watt portion…..My father was William Meikle
Watt, son of James Watt, grandson of William Meikle Watt who was married
to Margret Hutton…..he actually had more siblings. There were 5
sisters and 2 brothers. Only two males were produced to carry the name.
In addition to James who was killed during WWII, there was Lenton Watt
who had Jamie Watt who has no children. My father had me…William Eric
Watt and I have one son Brandon Taylor Watt ( age 27 – no children yet).
Cheers !


Name: Allan Mathieson
<almath at>
Date: 2010-08-01
Names of interest to you Sintons
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: My mother, Elizabeth (Bessie) Elliot Sinton, was the daughter of
Robert Sinton of “Cleekimin” in Bonjedward. He was the head forester on
the estate, Monteviot/Ferniehurst, of the Marquis of Lothian.

father, David Reid Mathieson, was a sergeant in the 48th Toronto
Highlanders. He was born in Dundee, Forfarshire and emigrated to British
Columbia Canada prior to WW1 and was serving as a marine engineer on
the Canadian Pacific steamships when war broke out. He and his 3 or 4
brothers enlisted in Canadian Highland Regiments He was posted to
Flanders in 1915. In Sept 1916 he was wounded at the battle of the Somme
near Flers Courcellete.
Following his convalescence he was taken on
strength as a member of the Canadian Forestry Corps, which was logging
at Jed Forest. As he was a steam engineer one presumes he was charged
with the care and maintenance of the sawmill machinery, and would have
spent considerable time visiting with Head Forester Sinton. He was a 31
year old bachelor. My mam was an eighteen year old girl. She would now
be called a war bride as they married, honeymooned at The Spread Eagle
Hotel in downtown Jedburgh and departed for Canada on the SS Melita. (My
oldest brother, David Melita Mathieson, was born at sea.) I have at
hand a photocopy of a family photo and a newsclipping obituary. If you
would like to see them I’ll try to scan decent copies and send them to

I haave just begun to sort out my Scottish ancestors. I
was born in Vancouver Canada and have only been to Jedburgh once for a
few hours. I was on a rugby trip and was billeted in Edinburgh. My wife
and I hopped on a bus to Jedburgh and said hello to my aunt Belle and
cousin Helen. They are Redpaths, I believe.

I note you are
working to establish a Jedburgh/Southdean Sinton DNA connection?
Isabella, widow of James Sinton, son to Robert and Helen, was living at
Bonjedward,in 1841, although born at Oxnam. Her son, William, was
unmarried and living with her with her in 1841 at the age of 24. He
stated that he was born at Southdean.

I have a Sinton pedigree chart which I can send to you. It needs some corrections and additions.


Allan Mathieson
Oliver, BC Canada
V0H 1T0


Name: Warren Rowe
Date: 2010-07-20
Names of interest to you Any Rowe Taranaki or Mananwatu/Horowhenua


Name: Brian Shephard
Date: 2010-07-13
Names of interest to you Elsie May Twyning
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: I have information for you on Elsie May Twyning. She was my
beloved grandmother whom I knew very well. Please contact me if you
would like to know more.

Brian Shephard

Name: Linda
Date: 2010-07-06
Names of interest to you FUGE
Comments: In researching the FUGE name in Chicago, IL, I found your “Samuel Fuge” and “John Edwin Fuge”.
Samuel married Margaret Opie, 24 Dec 1879 in IL and died 22 Feb 1908 and is buried in La Salle, IL.
John Edwin died 09 May 1925..listed as a ‘waiter’ on censuses.
I stumbled across your site and found Samuel by accident since his death certif lists his parents as “Wm Fuge/Mary Hanley”.
Contact me for more info.


Name: Pat Lumsden
Date: 2010-06-25
Names of interest to you Wight
Comments: Hi Lorna, I’ve been looking around your pages for more helpful
information on the Wight line – James & Isabella Hall. I still
haven’t got the differences figured out, but keep plugging away!
This site is excellent and WHAT A LOT OF WORK!!


Name: Sherri Smith
Date: 2010-06-08
Names of interest to you Daw, Handicott, Henderson
Comments: Hi Lorna:

I am sure we have crossed paths. Nice site. I
think we may find we might eventually connect to one another, but I
could be off on that.

My Handicotts are from Isle of Wight to
England, Wales, Australia and Canada. I ended up being the Canadian
Tree. My Dawes are apparently from England, stuck on that at this time,
but I find them in Newfoundland. I also have a Cousin Tom Henderson
whose roots I think begin in England though I have not researched this
surname and my Daw relation moved to NS married a Stevens of Tancook
Island NS – possible roots to Germany.

Your site mixes many of these names which I find interesting in itself.

connection in Australia is Joy Handicott wife of Geoff who put together
all our information on our tree todate using all our resources to her

I thought I recalled the mentioning of your name, but I may be wrong. I think it came up in our research.

have errored in birth date of my Dawe and so I must begin again to go
backwards….however I am lucky that I have a great Dawe site on
myfamily to figure it out, once I connect my Daw to a father, I assume
it will help. My roots in NFLD maybe not as long as I first thought and I
may find a huge circle of my relations in England – scattered as were
my Handicotts.

Take care
Sherri Smith


Name: Brian Fairbairn
Date: 2010-05-31
Names of interest to you fairbairn
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
URL of your homepage none
Comments: my grandfather was George Edwin Fairbairn, there was 14 children, i
see you only have 9, i have plenty of information on the Fairbairn’s


Name: Brian Fairbairn
Date: 2010-05-31
Names of interest to you fairbairn
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
URL of your homepage none
Comments: my grandfather was George Edwin Fairbairn

Name: estes rowe
Date: 2010-03-16
Names of interest to you william r. rowe/rosy rowe/grandparents
and if you have any photos to contribute
Comments: looking past family members from garland county,ark
trying to do a family tree ,see how far back i can go


Name: Lynn Murphy
Date: 2010-02-16
Names of interest to you Creber
Comments: Really enjoyed your site and am so jealous – you must have put a lot of time into it!

am related to Creber’s who left Devon moved to cumberland, lancashire,
wakefield and then Rotherham (my grans grandad). Now we have relations
who have moved out to New Zealand and Australia.

Have only just started my research though.

Thanks for the information.

Name: Derek Robert Baty
<superdel at>
Date: 2010-02-14
Names of interest to you Baty
URL of your homepage
Comments: Hi Lorna,
Thanks for giving me this web site address of yours,
Wow! it must have taken years, if you want to add any more Baty’s there
are a few more on My Heritage site, I’ve pasted the URL above,
Thanks Again,
Will Keep in touch,


Name: Cindy Lee Andrews Farwell Chabe
Date: 2010-02-13
Names of interest to you Andrews
Comments: my father was philip nathan andrews sr, my grandfather was walter
andrews, my great grandfather was carrol andrews. grandfather and great
grandfather came to new gloucester from athens/bingham area in maine.
after my dad passed away 11/12/09. we found a colby oracle 1901 with
percy melville andrews in it. am curious as to his relationship to


Name: Laura
Date: 2010-01-25
Names of interest to you ROWE of Ulster County, New York, USA
URL of your homepage
Comments: ROWE is a maddening surname to research. The earliest known of my
female line was from Ulster County, New York State, USA region, but
before that is unknown, although I do know the range of countries her
ROWEs were from. Ulster County was an early melting pot of mostly
Protestants (until Irish Catholics moved there starting abt 1840). Her
name was Permelia ROWE b abt 1811 Ulster County, NY. She was undoubtedly
Protestant. Protestants of that time and locale swapped Calvanisms
depending on what church was physically closest to them. She could’ve
been Dutch, English, French, German and/or Huguenot�I know not which.
Before they spelled it ROWE, earlier spellings seemed to include: REA,
Rowes of Ulster and Greene Counties: I need educating.


Name: PatMichieli
Date: 2010-01-19
Names of interest to you Donald Henderson
Comments: I’m interested in a Donald Henderson and his family etc. Donald
was married to SarahRyrie in 1822. I hope you can help me. thanks I
forgot to mention Donald was married in Canisbay, Scotland


Name: Jeremy Howat
Date: 2010-01-12
Names of interest to you Runciman
URL of your homepage
Comments: Hi Lorna,

I wonder whether you would kindly alter a link to
reflect the updated location of my website. This you link to on your
sources page. At present you have as the link
It should now read <>.

confirm you have received this email. If you have any doubts or queries
about all this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All the best,


Name: Tamah Borrowman
Date: 2009-12-20
Names of interest to you Metters
Comments: it has been awhile since I have lookd at your home page. it is so
well done and i appreciate all the wor you havedone.hope you are keeping


Name: Steve Thomas
Date: 2009-12-10
Names of interest to you Richardson, Scott, Ebdon
and if you have any photos to contribute Not as yet
Comments: Just started researching my family tree and had got back to
Margaret Scott nee Richardson (1824) and her father James Richardson
(1782) when a web search on hays court edinburgh brought up your site. I
dread to think how many hours/years you must have spent compiling all
the information on your site. I hope you don’t mind if I use some the
reference material from your site though it almost feels like cheating
to copy someone elses work :).

I know my mother and her sister
will be particularly interested in things like Catherine Richardson’s
will where there grandfather (Thomas Alston Scott) and his brothers and
sisters are mentioned.

Margaret Mossman’s nee Scott will is
also very interesting as they remember Sir Robert Scott but they thought
he was Thomas Scotts brother where in fact he is his nephew through his
older brother Adam Scott who married a Jane (Jeanie) Russell.

This does get very addictive doesn’t it!

terms of common ancestor I think we have to go back to Robert
Richardson (1746) and Margaret Runchaman (1747) who is our 4th great

If you want any info on the Margaret Scott
descendants then let me know, though I am still in the very early stages
of this research so there are still many gaps.


Your 5th Cousin?

Steve Thomas


Name: deborah christensen
Date: 2009-12-05
Names of interest to you Richard Curtis Rowe
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: Hi. My childrens family tree includes Richard Curtis Rowe, Esq.
whose daughter Elizabeth Rowe married Prof Augustus George Martin and
had Kate Martin. Kate married William Davy in New Plymouth and had
daughter called Olive. I have many photos of this Rowe family, Olive,
Kate, Elizabeth and Elizabeths grandmother.. very old. I am interested
if this same family. William Davy’s grandfather was Captain Leyton
Hopkins Davy who sailed on Amelia Thompson into New Plymouth in 1843 and
was one of first settlers there. Deb


Name: Derek Turnbull
<drt at>
Date: 2009-11-29
Names of interest to you Turnbull
Comments: Dear Lorna,

I stumbled across your site quite by accident
but was facinated to find the family tree headed by Robert Turnbull. I
am from a family of Turnbulls that has lived in or around Edinburgh in
Scotland for a century or more.

Looking at the generations in
your tree it made me smile to see the repition of names such as Robert,
John, Helen, and Margaret as these are the names of my father and his
siblings. I wonder whether or not we share a common ancestory?

mother created a family tree a few years ago and I will ask her to send
me a copy, which I would be happy to send to you if you are interested
in seeing whther or not it can be linked to your?

Best Regards


Name: Abigail
Date: 2009-11-17
Names of interest to you Henderson
Comments: Hi
My 3rd great grandfather was named Donald Henderson.
Unfortunately I know nothing about him other than that he had a daughter
with Elizabeth Robertson and that she later remarried. His daughter
Hannah Henderson listed him as deceased when she married in 1883. Hannah
was born 1862ish and her mother remarried 1867. Hannah was born in
Caithness. Any connection to any of your clan?


Name: Sheena Bartley
<bartleyophir (?)>
Date: 2009-11-08
Names of interest to you Swanson/ Mowat and Oag /MacDonald
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
URL of your homepage ?
Comments: Came to your site while looking for Alexanderina
(Alice)MOWAT(sister of my gt.grandmother)who married John SWANSON
1910.John & Alice went to Canada. Winipeg,Manitoba,I think,but
unable to find bmd for Manitoba. Looking around your tree at all the
familar Caithness names I spied David OAG & Williamina MacDONALD.
Wilma is 1st cousin to my grandfather John BAIN and can give you more
MacDONALD info. Do not see any connection between your BAINs and mine.
I’m also in touch with Ian A. Look forward to hearing from you.


Name: William Nicholas Jenkins
Date: 2009-10-25
Names of interest to you William Monarch Turner
Comments: I was scanning the internet about my granfather and came across
information about him on you webpage. WMT was my maternal grandfather
and my mother was born in Australia shortly before he joined the AIF and
went to Gallipoli where he was injured. He died later and was buried
at sea. I have details about his marriage, his four daughters etc if
anyone is interested and photographs


Name: Heather Hodge
<as suggested mannynpa on>
Date: 2009-09-11
Names of interest to you ROBERT FAIRBAIRN (DUNS,KELSO)
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: Dear Lorna, Robert Fairbairn and Isabella Robertson (the
bonesetter)are my great grandparents. My father John Muir Fairbairn
died in 2003. I am interested in the DNA project, especially as there
are a couple of only ‘reputed’connections to the Fairbairns way back;as a
fem. can I be on the project? ‘Our’ Fairbairns are down to one male
heir(my cousin Robert’s grandson)

I found my name on your blog
as my email address bounced long ago,and as a raw,but eager ‘beginner’,
would love to hear from you. Heather.


Name: Beryl Renton
Date: 2009-09-05
Names of interest to you BAIN, TURNBULL, FAIRBAIRN etc.
Comments: I tried to contact – kergohy at wanadoo dot fr – but no can do. We must
be related as I tried to send the following message:
I would be interested in your information as sI have these as well.

William Bain who married Janet Turnbull has a William who married
Elizabeth Rae and their Janet married William Renton, whose son Robert
married Janet Jessie Murray. Their son Robert Bain Renton who married
Torrens May Watkins was my husband’s grandfather. Their son Mervin
Lindsay Renton married Doris Murphy who gave birth to Robert Lindsay
Renton in 1927 – the man I married.
from Beryl Renton


Name: Beryl Renton
Date: 2009-09-05
Names of interest to you FAIRBAIRN, BAIN AND MANY MANY MORE
Comments: Is there any way I can download information with birth, date,
marriage, children etc. Otherwise it is rather hard to check your
information and add to mine.


Name: Ron Furgerson
<ronfurg at>
Date: 2009-09-05
Comments: Lorna — I’m a friend of Bill and Cheryl. We met at the swimming pool in Fairfax, VA

Name: John Barber
Date: 2009-08-30
Names of interest to you Barber,McMillan,Just,Thomson
Comments: My interest is in Margaret McMillan who married John Bain 1887.
Margaret is my grandmothers sister (Isabella Forrester Just nee Mcmillan)
was born 29 July 1866 in Scotland and arrived in Dunedin in 1873 on the
ship Otago along with her parents James McMillan and Margaret
McMillan(nee Clarkson) and brothers Alexander Forrester McMillan and
William Clarkson McMillan


Name: Rob Miller
Date: 2009-08-26
Names of interest to you None
and if you have any photos to contribute None
URL of your homepage
Comments: I liked your site.

Name: Thelma Hartman
<mominmotion at shaw dot ca>
Date: 2009-07-24
Names of interest to you Cooper and Helson
and if you have any photos to contribute two for sure, maybe three
Comments: Hello I noticed that you have David H. Cooper on your ancestral
tree, son of Ellen Jane Cooper and Walter Helson. His full name was
David Helson Cooper and I believe that he married an ancestor of mine. I
have a David Helson Cooper born in Michigan who married Elizabeth
Thompson born in Quebec. In 1916 the young married couple is living in
Mortlach Saskatchewan. Between 1916 and 1918 they had two daughters,
Florence and Helson. David died in 1918 and is buried in Mortlach. I
have a photo of his grave. Elizabeth died shortly after the birth of her
third daughter about 1920 to 1923(I have no idea who she married after
David died).
Helson, Florence and Keitha (the youngest daughter)
were all adopted. I am not descended from Elizabeth and David but my
great grandmother was a cousin to Elizabeth.

Thelma in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Name: Fay Fraser
Date: 2009-07-20
Names of interest to you Rowe- Narraway
Comments: G’day Lorna from across the ditch !!!

I am researching my
GGG Grandparents William Narrawaywho married Sarah Row/e ?.. they had a
daughter Ann who married John Seldon in Buckland Brewer, Devon in
1813… Can you please tell me if there is any connection in your
records… I would appreciate hearing from you…

I love your web
page.. Congratulations !!! I think it’s great.. I would love to have
something like this so that people can access and make contact..

Thank you so much.



Name: Morag
<kergohy at wanadoo dot fr>
Date: 2009-07-02
Names of interest to you Turnbull, Bain, Wares
and if you have any photos to contribute not yet, give me time!
Comments: Robin F put me on to you and I’ve tripped across your web presence
looking for Turnbulls. My partner and Robin are first cousins. I on
the other hand have a link by marriage to Bain in Caithness via my
mother….. is this a tiny world or what??

Love to hear from you


Name: Bill
Date: 2009-06-09
Names of interest to you Grainger
Comments: Thank you for publishing the information on the Graingers of
Worcester. I was having trouble with the spelling of Ebissa Grainger
and you helped me with that, as well as his siblings. The U.S. census
spelled it every which way but lose. :-)) This is a lateral line of my
Livingstons of Georgia, USA. I can provide information on the Ebissa
Grainger family descendants if you’re interested.


Name: Karina Rowe
Date: 2009-05-28
Names of interest to you Joseph King Rowe/Thirza Daw
and if you have any photos to contribute Info only
URL of your homepage None
Comments: I’m descended from David Rowe, son of Joseph King Rowe and Thirza
Daw(e). He is my Great-Grandfather. Our nuclear family moved from
Stratford to Winnipeg in 1965. I have a copy of the marriage certificate
for the Rowe-Daw union in 1850 that does not have an “e” on the end.
Not sure if Dawe is the same family tree.


Name: Karen Haynes
Date: 2009-05-28
Names of interest to you Turnbull
and if you have any photos to contribute
Comments: Hi Lorna
Thought you would be interested to know that letters
to Rev Robert Turnbull (from David Stevenson) form part of the memoir
’50 years on the London and NOrth Western Railway’ ed Leopold Turner,M1
Robert Turnbull (Sir) also features in the book as the lodger (‘Bob’)
of the Stevenson family in Nuneaton. There are a few charming allusions
to the Turnbull family.

Best wishes


Name: Ross
Date: 2009-04-26
URL of your homepage
Comments: Found your site while browsing the sites created by Second Site. Looking for ideas for my site.

All the Best


Name: Margaret Fay
Date: 2009-04-22
Names of interest to you Dawe, Smith, Gale, Creber, Lovis
Comments: Checked Isaac Dawe’s burial entry in Plymouth Charles at the North
Devon Record Office obtained photocopy, You may already have a copy but
if not would you like me to send a scan to you?


Margaret Fay

Name: Pat Williams
Date: 2009-04-19
URL of your homepage
Comments: Cool Site.

Name: Philip Grenville Runciman Hoare
<toonarmy_188 t>
Date: 2009-04-08
Names of interest to you Runciman, Hoare, d’AuriolsCraig,Lawson, Gibbs
Comments: I have heared that there are 2 lines of Runcimans – to my
knowledge, I am not the ones from Berwickshire, although there may be a
few that come from there! My ancestors go back to Thomas R/ Alison
Grieve b 1712. Unfortunately thats as far back as I can. There are also 3
recent Hendersons and many other surnames out of over 2500 relatives.
there are d’Auriols in NZ,related to my Granddad (c1879-1965) who
married Elizabeth Runciman(1882-c1952). Hope this of interest


Name: Gillian
Date: 2009-03-31
Names of interest to you Lilly-Low Bain
and if you have any photos to contribute info
URL of your homepage dont have one
Comments: can you confirm that the Lilly-Low Bain on your tree was married to John Riddell a master butcher in Melrose ?

if so would like to know any info you have on this family as she later went on to marry my great-grandfather

Thanks Gillian

Name: Teresa Metters
Date: 2009-03-01
Names of interest to you Thomas COURTIS aka Metters
and if you have any photos to contribute Thomas Kingdon Metters in the 1861 Uk Census, South Molton
Comments: This name caught my eye because I have a Thomas Kingdon Metters
who seems to use Kingdon as well as Metters which I thought was strange.
So this COURTIS aka Metters stood out. Do you why the name is like
this and why his children’s last names are split between Metters and


Name: hilary gale
Date: 2009-01-28
Names of interest to you betsey dawe & william gale
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
URL of your homepage n/a
Comments: betsey dawe & william gale are my great, great grandparents.
think that I have some info at home and a wedding picture from 1902 of
gervaise gale and hattie vanbuskirk taken in calgary, AB, canada


Name: Ian Aitken-Kemp
Date: 2009-01-17
Names of interest to you William Henderson b.1873
and if you have any photos to contribute If we have the same one then I have a photo of him
Comments: My grandmother was Agnes Todd Aitken ms Henderson. She was b. 1901
at Blackridge, Linlithgow to William Henderson and Marion Glen (Aitken)
who were m. 6th July 1895 (you have 1894?)at Whitehaven. William’s occ.
given as Blacksmith.
Is my William also your William ? We seem to
agree on most detail except their marriage date. Mine is taken from the
note of their marriage on Agnes’ birth entry in the birth register.
I can send this to you if you let me have your em – I can also copy the photo of William to you – it was taken c1901

Regards, Ian

Name: Jim Lawless
Date: 2008-12-31
Names of interest to you Mary Joan Fairchild
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
URL of your homepage
Comments: Hi Lorna, I have been working on my family tree for about eight
years or so. I ran into a dead end when it came to my great great
grandmother, Mary Joan Fairchild. I have a picture of her and another
of her husband, Andrew William Lawless, my great great grandfather. I
am interested in doing a DNA test. WOuld I make a good test subject?
Your web page is incredible. Thank you for your efforts. I sited your
web page as a source under Archibald Fairchild. Not sure if I did it
correctly. Let me know how you would like it to be stated on the web
page and I will update it ASAP. I look forward to hearing back from
Your distant cousin in Davie, Florida.
James Lawless


Name: margaret Sutton
Date: 2008-12-24
Names of interest to you Christina Somerville
Comments: Hi am researching a Christina somerville Hamilton who came to oz
age 7 in 1863. I suspect her forbears maiden name somewhere was
somerville. maybe came from Jamestown Scotland. Parents jane &
Thomas Hamilton. is there poss connextn to your somervilles?


Name: Susan Mallett
Date: 2008-12-14
Names of interest to you Grainger
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: My Husbands ex wife was born a grainger she came from the line of
Theodore 1812. Her mother was Camelia Rose Grainger born 1900 Camelia’s
father was also Theodore Grainger, as was his father.
You have a
wonderful site.I can give you more info if you are interested please e
mail me, I would be happy to give you the details. Thank You Susan


Name: Dennis Lee Cleven
Date: 2008-11-27
Names of interest to you Tozer, King, Damerell, Creber
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes.
Comments: You sent a note to a cousin of mine in Buckfastleigh, Devon, and
she really didn’t know what to make of it and she really had a hard time
reading your handwriting and she asked me if I knew of any relatives in
NZ and I did not. But you even have my grandmother, Olive M. Tozer on
your chart. Charles Tozer and Bessie Louise Tozer (formerly Miller) were
my great-grandparents. They came to USA in March of 1912. I knew my
great-grandmother but my grandmother died before I was born. I did know
my great-aunt, Mrs. Phyllis Maud Johnson (formerly Tozer) very well and
she informed me about our English relatives. While she mentioned our
relation to the Damerell family, she never explained how we were related
to them. From the tone of her voice in mentioning this fact, it was a
sign of prestiege. Amelia Tozer was a cousin to that family before she
married William Shillibeer Northmore. I find this very exciting and I
hope you will be of assistance to me as I will be of assistance to you.
Dennis Lee Cleven.


Name: Jenny JOLLEY
Date: 2008-11-17
Names of interest to you Elizabeth Rowe and Hugh Hamley
and if you have any photos to contribute y
Comments: Their third child James. He is my gggrandfather that came to
Australia in 1840. Vikki and I are related and have been able to share a
wealth of information.


Name: Vikki Henderson
Date: 2008-11-15
Names of interest to you Baskerville
Comments: I can help you with why Baskerville is in the Hamley Family

Name: Vikki Henderson
Date: 2008-11-15
Names of interest to you Elizabeth Rowe and Hugh Hamley
Comments: I can help you with their third child James. He is my gggrandfather that came to Australia in 1840 with his new wife.

And yes Henderson is my surname.

Name: David Leffen
<dleffen at>
Date: 2008-11-02
Names of interest to you Isaac Dawe
and if you have any photos to contribute He was my great grandfather
Comments: My grandmother Elsie Thurza Dawe was mentioned in your website and
I can provide further information about her heirs if you are


Name: Liz Douglas
Date: 2008-10-25
Names of interest to you EA Badkin
Comments: Hi, Badkin is in my family tree (mum’s side) I have Ernest Albert
Badkin marrying Emilie Georgina Daw in 1907 – they had one daughter
Mollie who married Keith Gay (probably more children but I don’t know
of them). Ernest Albert born 9th February 1878 in Campbell Town Tasmania
– father John (Jack) Badkin, mother Clara Mary Johnstone. Ernest served
in the Boer War – 8th Battalian Australian Commonwealth Horse
(Tasmania) – departed May 21st, 1902; returned July 28th, 1902 – rank
Private – No. 4 Troop (enlisting on the West Coast of Tasmania). He died
on 26th July, 1947 in Sydney – buried on 28th July, 1947 in Melbourne. I
would be interested in anything else you can tell me about him or his
Liz Douglas


Name: Jim Richardson
Date: 2008-10-25
Comments: Hello Lorna,
I have not visited your site in a while and I am
so impressed with it. I hope you are well. This project clearly takes a
lot of effort, but it is so well done. Thank you for all of your work.
I’ll write a ‘proper’ letter as soon as I can.
Thinking of you,


Name: Rebekah Quere
Date: 2008-09-13
Names of interest to you Kerr/Quere/Bairn (now)
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: correction for your tree: my father William A. Quere (of Margaret
Kerr (from William T. Kerr and Anne Macquire -> Johanna Bain
+Alexander Kerr -> James Bain + Helen Andrew)and William Quere
married Virginia Lear Lanning (not barrionuevo as it states; my sister
Alexandra S. Quere has married Carlos Barrionuevo; I, REbekah L. Quere
have married Paul F. Daigle andwe have had a child, Summer Lily Daigle.
Thanks, bekah


Name: Olivia “Livy” Revits
Date: 2008-08-02
Names of interest to you MACKAY, BAIN
Comments: Lorna-
I have death certificates for John & Elizabeth MACKAY,
b late 1800’s Scotland d Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ.

My late Grandmother Lillian CURTIN KERR, NOT their biological relative, insisted that I call Elizabeth “Aunt.”

John “Uncle Jack” MACAKAY & Aunt Liz had no children.
Please contact me for more at :


Name: Peter Howell
Date: 2008-07-04
Names of interest to you frederick samuel bolton
Comments: The computer in the local library will not let me contact you
directly so I am using your guest book. I have been doing research into
the Bolton family and looked up Frederick Samuel Bolton who was the
vicar of Salt in Staffordshire. I am descended from his uncle, Thomas
Bolton. The Boltons were highly significant in the Industrial
Revolution, making copper wire for the trans-Atlantic cables. I am
currently having the family tree typed up and if you are interested, I
would be very happy to let you have a copy shortly. I also have a
Turnbull who married a Leach in Berwick on Tweed and their son, William
Turnbull Leach, became Archdeacon Leach of Montreal and married a
Skirving. I do not have the papers in front of me but I will let you
have all the information in due course. Hope to hear from you. Best
wishes, Peter Howell.


Name: Ralph Richardson
Date: 2008-05-25
Comments: Hi Lorna, Just browsing. One correction, my Grandfather Wm.b1864
did not depart in 1911, but 30th. July 1939 in Leith, Edinburgh. Was in
Scotland earlier this year for my mum’s funeral, and made it to
Newcastle and caught up with Paul Richardson for a couple of hours. I an
trying to contact through ancestry an “anfieldred1” who has some info
on the Richardsons in World Tree, but no reply as yet, they may no
longer subscribe, we live in hope. Take care, will keep in touch.Note my
e-mail address, Doreen still uses the midori address Regards Ralph


Name: Lorna
Date: 2008-05-13
URL of your homepage
Comments: test that updated guestbook works (rootsweb changed their domain
name and didn’t really spell out the impact on guestbooks, so this
hasn’t been working for a while)


Name: Christina Baldwin
Date: 2008-03-30
Comments: Hello Lorna
I found your link whilst doing a google search. I
am a New Zealand woman (living in the South Waikato) researching my
Scottish ancestors. I will be visiting Caithness in August.
ancestor John McLeod died in Rangag in 1869 and his wife Christina
McLeod MS Sutherland died in Rangag in 1872. Apparently a relative of my
mother’s visited the remains of the McLeod longhouse in Rangag in the
1960s. I notice you say that a family of MacLeods were living in a house
in Rangag. I would be very interested to know your source for this
information. I also note you mention an overgrown cemetery in the area. I
have been trying to find where John & Christina might be buried.
There is very sparce information on the interent about Rangag so any
links you may have would be very helpful to me.
I am sorry I dont
have information to share with you about your family names but I would
be pleased to take any more photos you may require when I go to Scotland
in August.
Thank you
Christina Baldwin


Date: 2008-03-23
Names of interest to you Stephenson and Wight
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: Hi,
I am the Great Great Grandson of Thomas Wight Stephenson
and currently live in Portsmouth England. My mother Jean Dagens (Nee
Low) was daughter of Thomas Stephenson Low, son of James Low and Jane
Stewart Stephenson, Martha Stewarts Daughter. I have been doing Gene
for a few years and got a great deal of my mothers side from a Mary
Cubitt in NZ.
I visited the family farm of Whitestone in Kemnay
Aberdeenshire and have photos of our ancesters gravestones in Kemnay.
Also touched base with the Aberdeenshire Gene Centre who have some
fantastic records on the family. Met a guy that had studied much of the
family who came from Munymusk, Aberdeenshire.
Be great to make contact and I would be happy to assist with any tasks you require in the UK.


Tony Dagens


Name: Alex McDonald
Date: 2008-03-23
Names of interest to you Mcdonald & Bain
Comments: Hi, found your site while doing some very early research. My
father was George Bain McDonald b29 Nov 32 d25 June 93. He was the son
of Alexander & Helen McDonald (nee Phillips) and his grandparents
were George McDonald & Helen Bain. I have limited information mostly
obtained from the Thain family in Jersey who I remain in contact with.


Name: Bonnie Fairbairn
Date: 2008-03-21
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: Great site, what a lot of work. Just checking relatives, I am at a stand still with my Robert Fairbairn,
Stewart married Robert Fairbairn on 22 January 1847 Kelso and they had
two children both born at Selkirk: Francis Stewart (b 1848) and Ann (b
1851). They might have had a grocer’s shop in Selkirk along with
Catherine’s sister Mary Stewart who married William Trotter.


Name: Eileen Dow
Date: 2008-03-19
Names of interest to you Daymond
Comments: The children of Charles Daymond and Rhoda Tozer were–Gladys,Myra
and Edna. Edna had one daughter who is still alive and living in
Buckfastleigh Devon.Charles Daymond’s second wife was Mary Screech his
brother’s widow who had three children by Fredrick.Charles and Mary had
four children,of which Florence was one. The others were Ivy Phyl, and
my father Edgar.
Kindest regards Eileen


Name: Ian Ford
Date: 2008-03-03
Names of interest to you Fuge, Hoyle, Hortop, Gribble
Comments: An enormous amount of hard work has produced a great family history web page!

Name: Peter Campbell
Date: 2008-03-03
Names of interest to you Lakeman
Comments: Lorna,

Nice to see that my lakeman research in New Plymouth
has been useful – my william Lakeman document took a while to compile.
It would be nice if you could point me to any futher info about myu
family in Taranaki, and also to Willian’s baptism in Bere Ferres.



Name: Lorna
Date: 2008-02-17
Names of interest to you DAWE, GALE, KNIGHT
Comments: Margaret,
Yes, we are related via the DAWEs.
The Wilmot
Henry KNIGHT I’m currently showing on the DAWE chart is the husband of
Ethel Sarah GALE (I have that one as born 1874), I hadn’t figured that
there was also a son Wilmot Henry KNIGHT as well.
I’m in the middle of sending you an email…


Name: Sheldon Clark
Date: 2008-02-16
Comments: Just having a quick look following e-mail contacts. You are certainly very much further advanced than I am with mine.


Name: Margaret Fay
Date: 2008-02-14
Names of interest to you Dawe/Gale/Creber/Knight
and if you have any photos to contribute Sorry no they were stolen
Comments: Hi Lorna

I am contacting you again because I see that you
have put the wrong details for Wilmot Henry Knight born 1908 on your
tree. My father Wilmot Henry Knight born 1908 is the son of Ethel Sarah
Galeb 1885 Bristol (daughter of Samuel Gale and Maria Emma Redstone)and
Wilmot Henry Knight and he married Margaret Mills in 1940 and had me. I
am the last of that line. If you want more information please let me
know. I believe we link in together at John Gale and Betsy Dawe

Best wishes


Name: Margaret Fay
Date: 2008-02-12
Names of interest to you Dawe/Smith/Gale//Creber
and if you have any photos to contribute Not at the moment
Comments: I think we are related. My grandmother was Ethel Sarah Gale born
Jan 1885 in Bristol daughter of Samuel Gale and Maria Emma Redstone.
Samuel Gale born 1839 in Marystowe, Devon, son of John Gale born 1799
and Betsy Dawe born 1806 in Lamerton, daughter of Isaac Dawe and Sarah


Name: Natalie Thornton
Date: 2008-02-09
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: Hello from New Zealand,
I am related to George Fairburn who was the son of Archibald Fairbairn and and Mary Grierson.
Fairbairn married Janet Purdie. Their daughter Margaret Fairbairn
married John WILLIAMSON in Melrose, Scotland in 1858. They then left
Scotland and came to Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. Their daughter Janet
Williamson married William Benjamin EYRE. They lived for the most part
in Auckland New Zealand and had two sons, the younger of which was
Ernest Leonard EYRE. He married Mabel Pearl Stenhouse (his cousin) and
they had two children: Clive Kendal and Shirley Joyce EYRE. Shirley was
my mother, she married Robert Andrew Bradbury and had two children:my
sister Felicity and Me (Natalie Bradbury). I married in 1979 To Ross
Thornton and we have a 26 year old son called Keir Rhys Thornton. I have
only very brief detail on the williamsons and Fairbairns so I would be
grateful for any hints or info. I’m afraid I have no photo’s of anyone
older than my grandfather. it was great to find your website today.
regards, Natalie.


Name: Lorna
Date: 2008-02-07
Names of interest to you FAIRBAIRN
Comments: June,
Your ISP rejected your email address: Diagnostic code: smtp;553 5.3.0 … Rejected by Iserv RBL…
FAIRBAIRN is indeed one of my relations, she and her sister Margaret
and father John died within months of each other in 1871. Would love a
copy of the funeral service, my email is at the bottom of each of my web
pages by Compiler. This John FAIRBAIRN was married to Margaret SINTON,
(my relation), not a Margaret BROWN however.


Name: June Barber
Date: 2008-02-07
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: I keep stumbling across Fairbairn’s in my research, but have no
proven link to them. What I have is, a funeral booklet detailing the
service for Jesse Fairbairn. There had been 3 deaths in this family
within one year. This occurred in Oxford County Ontario, Blandford
township. The Fairbairns are interred in Chesterfield Cemetery. This
data came to me from my Grandmother Emma Mason Scott. Her father was
John Mason, her grandparents Richard Mason & Mary Brown, They were
from the Woodstock Ontario area. I do know of a marriage between
Margaret Brown born 1822 and John Fairbairn, I don’t have his birthdate,
but the marriage was about 1848. A rather odd research clue. We knew
of a Fairbairn family in Grand Rapids MI, Vance Fairbairn who was about
my father’s age, ( Dad was born 1907) shared a striking resemblence,
often being mistaken for each other. Vance’s branch of the Fairbairn’s
was from Lampton county Ontario My Scott Mason lines were all from the
Oxford county area in Ontario. I have done considerable research on the
Scott line, but the Mason-Brown line is stuck at my great grandparents.
If you like I will dig the funeral book of Jesse Fairbairn out of my
files and if possible email it to you. June Scott Barber


Name: guy
Date: 2008-01-30
Names of interest to you sinton
Comments: I am a Sinton my Aunt has researched the sinton family tree , she is also from NZ .

Name: Carolyn McGrath
Date: 2008-01-19
Names of interest to you WINES, Worker, Davenport, Wilson
Comments: Further to my previous message.
I can provide the parent
details for Ellen Liston Wilson who married Simeon Wines. Also I can
provide the parent details of John Barnes Davenport.
I can also provide the descendant details of John Barnes Davenport and Ellen Mary Worker.
This may take a little while as I work fulltime and this is all relatively new to me.


Name: Carolyn
Date: 2008-01-19
Names of interest to you Simeon(Simon) WInes & Ellen Wilson
Comments: Hi Lorna,
I am the ggg grandaughter of the above people. I
have to check all my records because they are all paper based. Haven’t
put them on the computer yet. May be able to provide further
information. I will write it all up and send it to you. Are you
directly related to them?


Name: Lorna Lucas
Date: 2008-01-17
Names of interest to you Bickell
Comments: hello lorna
I am researching the Bickell family, specifically
those descending from George Bickell born abt 1817 at Meavy, Devon and
his wife Elezabeth. I see you have him in you names of interest but
there are so many Bickells – how do they fit together?? The line I am
following descends from George to his son George born abt.1852, to his
son John Robert who married my great aunt and ended his life in Norfolk,
England. I wonder also whether you have any info that take this family
back into the 1700s?
With best wishes and thanks – another Lorna!!


Name: Margaret
Date: 2008-01-12
Names of interest to you William Record Richardson
Comments: Hi Lorna,
I am trying to find out a bit more info on this man. he married Dora Gilder in 1919, she died Auckland 1988, no mention of him??
Where abouts in Dargaville is he buried?
regards Margaret


Name: Annie Massey
Date: 2008-01-05
Names of interest to you Baty/Moscrop of Cumberland
Comments: Hey Lorna: It’s been a while — you may remember last year we
debated the various Andrew Baty lines in Arthuret — your branch
includes Andrew Baty who married Mary Richardson and mine includes
Andrew Baty of Slealands who married Elizabeth Sunderland.

I am
still busy untangling Baty lines. In September during a rail and road
epic tour of England I managed to cram in a fair bit of time with the
dead as well as with the living, including a day in the Carlisle Records
Office — yippee — and two days in Longtown where I stayed in a
B&B right across the road from the Graham Arms. Fantastic visit. In
the pub, my landlady’s ex-husband put me in touch with a living Baty,
whose family owns and farms Oakshawhill, right next to Slealands. He was
kind enough to drive me round the farms and I took some photos of
Slealands and its beautiful location. I also got to tramp round the
cemetery at St Michael and all Angels at Arthuret.

Now this didn’t result in any new or startling findings, but I had a fantastic time and the people I met were lovely.

going back over research notes, I see that your William Baty and Mary
Simpson had an illegitimate son before they married in 1795. He is
recorded in the IGI as an extracted records, “William Simpson or Baty”,
christened 19 March 1793. An LDS member record has supplied Hornickhill
as place of birth. Both parents are named.

I also found that
another researcher has assigned your William (husband of Mary Simpson)
as the son of William Baty and Mary Black of Slealands — the chap whose
1811 will you have — but I doubt this is correct as the birthdates and
age are way off your William’s death records. I think the Baty/Black
son William was a different child, and will assume it’s the one born in
1774 as this better fits the birth order of sons as mentioned in the

In my one day at the CRO I was able to print out a few
wills of interest but nowhere near as many as I would like. So far
nothing relates to your line, but will send along anything I find —
still transcribing.

Also, my Baty escort told me that his family
have been farming Oakshawhill/Slealands area farms for three
generations, and were able to purchase the farms outright in 1912 when
the Grahams of Netherby ran into a spot of financial bother owing to the
gambling habits of one of the ladies. These Batys came ‘from
Bewcastle’, which is probably the David Baty (who married Ann
Wightman)– you and I were noodling about where he fits in. It occurs
that he may not fit into the direct line — with so many Batys around,
my Andrew-John-Andrew-John Batys who were at Slealands earlier could
have been a different branch than David Baty’s family who came there
later. These farms were all leased from the Grahams, who were inclined
to pick and choose the farmers who they thought could best run the
property, so they changed hands regularly.

On the other hand,
the William Baty of Slealands will of 1811 refers to his having property
in Bewcastle and Gilsland, so perhaps it is a direct line.

Enough for now — all the best for 2008 to you & yours, Annie

Name: Ralph Richardson
Date: 2008-01-05
Names of interest to you Richardson & others
and if you have any photos to contribute yep
Comments: Hi Lorna, Happy New Year, long time no speak. How are you ?
Keeping well I hope. I too got back to Henry R. b 1801 and got stuck,
thought I had it with his death notice, yeh thanks to his SIL. Census
says he was born in Edinburgh, so we will keep looking and will find it
all one day. Good to see Paul R back in circulation, Jim R in California
has been unwell and having chemo, also split with his wife and living
back with his father, not good. My cousin John FRancis Richardson in
Auchtermuchty has info and photos, have put Paul R in touch with him.
You have added a fair bit to the Richardsons since I las looked at your
site, thanks for all that. I can help you with some full names and
dates, will send later . Take care, be in touch, Ralph


Name: James Brown
Date: 2008-01-01
Names of interest to you Fairbairn & Brown
and if you have any photos to contribute No photos at the moment
URL of your homepage
Comments: I have just started to research my Berwickshire family history. My
father’s middle name was FAIRBAIRN. His father was ADAM BROWN,
b.Lintlaw, Buncle & Preston Parish, Berwickshire on 13th June, 1865.
Adam Brown’s parents were ROBERT BROWN and ELIZABETH PURVES who were
married on 5th October, 1856 at Lamberton, Berwickshire.

I am trying to establish that Fairbairn / Brown link. Can you help?

Name: Anna Morris
Date: 2007-12-31
Names of interest to you DAWE
Comments: Hi,
I’ve just started delving into my family tree and have been
using the ancestry site – I was amazed to find that when I started
looking at my Grandmother’s side of the family, a lot of the information
was already there.

I then found my way to your website. My
great,great,great gandmother was Betsey Dawe – I noticed that on the
Dawe extended family tree was Betsey Dawe and her children who were
Martyns – I come from Edward Martyn from Marystow, Devon.

As I’m
new to this research, and have yet only used a’ancestry’ could you tell
me how you get such detaied information, such as their dates of birth?

It really is great to know that I come from such a large and widespread family,
Would love to hear from you,
Anna Morris
Cornwall, England


Name: Sherry Goodrum
Date: 2007-12-28
Names of interest to you Borrup, Jack, Mcgregor
Comments: Margaret Elizabeth Addison Jack was my great grandmother. My
grandfather was Ronald J. Borrup. Your information has filled in some
of my blanks on her side of the family. I started to research our
family several years ago, got busy and stopped. However, whenever I
find good information I print it out for later. Thank you.


Name: Brenda Koehler
Date: 2007-12-21
Names of interest to you Bain,…
Comments: Merry Christmas Lorna.I will get back on track after Christmas.I will have more pics for you then(recent ones)Brenda

Name: Frank
<franktor “at”>
Date: 2007-12-17
Comments: Hi Lorna, It is all coming back to me now. During last year my
computer decided it had had enough and destroyed itself together with a
load of certificates and other documents.I have not completed entering
all information on my latest computer but have managed to salvage enough
to be going on with.The information I have on James is :b. 11 August
1833. m.1st June 1860 at Thurso. d. 4th March 1918 at 53 Grant Street,
Wick. He is described as a butcher/flesher/ farm servant. Is this what
you were looking for?


Name: Frank T. Newton
<franktor “at”>
Date: 2007-12-14
Comments: Hi Lorna, I’ve just been looking through your blogsite and came
across James Baikie, born Wick 15th December 1870.He was the son of
James and Christina Davidson and brother to Jessie and Isabella
Robertina [otherwise known as auntie Bella. Jessie married Andrew
Falconer Logie and their first child was Christina Davidson Logie, my
mother in law.Can you let me haveyour ordinary email address as there is
lots more and I can tell you of my connection with Sue.
Speak soon, Frank.


Name: Frank Torrance Newton
<franktor at>
Date: 2007-12-13
Names of interest to you Baikie, Davidson, Manson, Doull
and if you have any photos to contribute Not yet
Comments: Lorna, the next time you see my cousin, Sue Greene, give her a hug from me.
Cheers , Frank


Name: Dave Rose
Date: 2007-12-09
Names of interest to you Andrews/Purdie
Comments: Thanks once again for wonderful and informative site. I am just
getting restarted on the family tree after a couple of years too busy at
work, and your work has once again been a great help.

Very much appreciated.

Dave Rose.

Date: 2007-11-26
Names of interest to you runciman, cooper
URL of your homepage http://
Comments: on your listing:

you have my grandfather’s line from the runcimans. he was albert l. cooper.

that’s cool. good job.


Name: Andrew Grant McAdie
Date: 2007-11-25
Names of interest to you Robert McAdie DOB 7/12/1827
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: My father Alan Robert McAdie is the great gradson of Robert McAdie listed in tree DOB 7/12/1827.

If you would like some further information of this “branch” please advise and I will arrange to send what I know.

I have found this very interesting, and appreciate all parties who have had input.

Name: Giles Tinning
Date: 2007-11-23
Names of interest to you ID: I39569 Christina sinton
Comments: Hi,
Just found this entry when browsing the web. This is my paternal grandmother. If you would like to know more, just ask.


Name: anne newcombe
Date: 2007-11-16
Names of interest to you rowe
Comments: just been adding some more of your Rowes to my ex-husband’s family
tree – I am still hoping to make a direct connection to you in MY tree
one day….
regards Anne


Name: Dee Hutchison
Date: 2007-11-15
Names of interest to you Goldielands Elliotts
and if you have any photos to contribute Short diary from Jan 1879
I have been passed to a short diary of a domestic servant
called Bridget, She appears to be looking after Miss Elliott, Professor
Elliot and Wm Elliot drops in for dinner!! She also talks about Woodfoot
which I am at the moment assuming to be another large household in the

Also it mentions Eliza Dalgleish whom had been very ill and she has her death as 5th Jan 1879.

Do you wish to have a copy of the translation/deciphering when I have finished. Rgds Dee

Name: Audrey Maurice
<audreykels >
Date: 2007-11-12
Names of interest to you Sinton Family
and if you have any photos to contribute not sure
Comments: I recieved an email from you regarding my father Ernest Kenneth
Sinton born in New Castle, 1911. I was unable to respond for some
reason, I have sent the info about the ship he came over on to a new
found cousin in England, It does look as though it could be him,
although I don’t know if we are related in any way. Thank you for that
info I will be checking it out and let you know for sure, if it is my
father, I did find a first cousin and her daugher along with much
information on my family, through


Name: Dawn Hutchinson
Date: 2007-11-03
Names of interest to you LUCOCK
and if you have any photos to contribute Have all of ReayLucck’s family including the first marriage of his youngest son Joseph
Comments: Im writing a book on my Reay Family – my maternal grandfather’s
family – and Jane Reay married Thomas Lucock in 1927. Reay Lucock is
their 3rd child. I am trying to get as much info as I can on these early
marriages and thank you for including the second marriage of Joseph,
son of Reay Lcock. – I did not have this. I am willing to share anything
that I have that might interst you.

What you have done is marvellous and I’m sure will be of interest to many people.

Kindest regards, Dawn (Paradie Point, Gold Coast, Queensland)

Name: richard greene
Date: 2007-10-21
Names of interest to you Fairbairn
Comments: I am interested in Fairbairn family of both Pennicuik and Gordon

Name: mandy Chesworth
Date: 2007-10-18
Names of interest to you Broomfield
and if you have any photos to contribute I have an old photo of my great grandfather and his children.
Comments: Hello Lorna, I’m a distant relative of yours. My great grandfather
was Walter Broomfield and he married Emily Gregory. I’ve been in touch
with Tony Broomfield who I think has also been in touch with you a few
times but he appears to have dropped of the radar now,



Name: Lorna
<at bottom of my web page>
Date: 2007-10-16
Names of interest to you METHERELL HELSON reply for Heather
URL of your homepage
Comments: Heather,
Can you please email me direct to discuss Jane
METHERELL? In my research log somewhere, there’s a discussion about two
Jane’s. I was following one around in the census data and suddenly
found her in two places at once. Rechecking they still “fitted”, so
must be related, perhaps you’ve just solved the mystery for me.


Name: heather alderson
Date: 2007-10-15
Comments: Hi Lorna , back again, wondered if you had a mix up with the jane
metherell.I have two jane metherells 1 born march l833 died sep. 1833.
the other jane was her younger sister a twin born l835 her twin sister
was called mary. their parents were ascot metherell and sally helson.I
could be wrong it could be a different jane, just thought i would let
you know.Bye, Heather.


Name: Heather Alderson
Date: 2007-10-14
Names of interest to you Meterell & PepperellNoN
and if you have any photos to contribute No
Comments: Elizabeth Ann did marry William Smith but emigrated to Colorada
Metherellwas born 1874 Lamplugh whitehaven. but died in oldam lancs
about 1962. he was my Grandfather.Jemima his sister born 1876 lamplugh,
she died nr. Manchester .She use to co me for a holiday and would stay
for up to 3 months at a time.not sure of the time of her death but
guessing it would be in the 1950s.during the blitze she use to hang her
husbands plus fours on the bed end ready for thesirens going off,then se
would jump into them and head for the air raid shelter.Eli my
Grandfather worked as a rope splicer at the coal pit till the war was
nearly over he retired from the pit at 70 years old . He and his wife
had nine children of which two are still living, one being my mother
Jane she is 91 years old and her younger sister Nell who is 85 years
old.Hope this is of some interest to you. I have a brother Ron who is
married to an American girl and they have two children they live on a
ranch just outside of Washington D>C> in Virginia.I have got back
to 1545 with the metherell tree. I have got to 1809 with the pepperell
tree.You willfind the metherell tree onFamilyGroup Record-Ancestry
File.Found you just by good luck. heather


Name: Chris Kelsey
Date: 2007-10-06
Names of interest to you Luscombe (Cornwood, Devon England)
Comments: Hi there Lorna ! Very spiffy website here..bravo!! I am in St.
John’s, Newfoundland Canada and have ‘Luscombe’ Family Background.. My
maternal great-great grandfather was a Philip Luscombe who travelled
from Devon to Newfoundland in the early 1840’s.. I had opportunity to
visit the village in 2005 but was there for only a few I never
actually found any meaningful information. I found your site during my
web-travels just now


Name: Robin Stuart
Date: 2007-10-06
Names of interest to you Robert Inglis (Peel) RUNCIMAN
and if you have any photos to contribute next summer
Comments: Robert Inglis Runciman (Argentina) is about to be rememberd as a
‘benefactor’ of Buenos Aires’ British Hospital. No one seems to remember
much about him… But your hard work has given me a good picture of his
origins.. AND the greatest fun! Many thanks…. If you have time, I’ll
look up 2nd. cousins.. grandchildren of Janet Aitchison Runciman
Goddard, and my grandmother’s -Susan Bradbury Runciman Musson’s- family


Name: Brenda Koehler
Date: 2007-10-03
Names of interest to you Manson,Henderson,Bain
Comments: Hi Lorna,
George M.H. Bain m. Dororthy Stella Young Feb 23 1916
in Brandon Manitoba.Reg.# 1916,009017.He was a firechief in
Brandon.They had 5 children. I will send more next time.
Not sure exactly how he fits in to Manson and Henderson families.
Bye for now
PS Check out (You may not need all I typed for website.)


Name: Nancy taylor
Date: 2007-10-02
Names of interest to you Fairbairn/Wanless
Comments: “William, his wife Jean and son Archibald, along with his brother
James Fairbairn left Scotland for Canada in 1817. They first settled in
St. Andrews East, Quesbec near La Chute. They moved 20 miles to
Caledonia. The Fairbairns were Tradesmen, especially Stone Masons.
From Caledonia, they moved to Bytown, which is now the capital of
Canada, Ottawa. Their home was near the present day Justice Building.
They pastured cows on what is now Parliament Hill, before, it was
Barracks Hill. They worked on the building of the now historic Rideau

Hi Lorna – Wonderful to find your site. Here is my little bit. I guess we are cousins…

Kindest Regards, Nancy.

Name: Brenda Koehler
Date: 2007-09-23
Names of interest to you Henderson,Bain,Manson
Comments: Check this out: Bowell Funeral Record Database. It may help you.
hubbys’ family lines are Bain,Henderson and Manson.His grandfather is
George Manson Henderson Bain b. Sept 28 1892 Wick,Caithness,Scotland.
Your site has helped me out the most.Thank you!
Brenda Koehler


Name: Karen Freilino
Date: 2007-09-22
Names of interest to you Rounsley/Tippett
URL of your homepage
Comments: Came across you site and enjoyed it very much.
Have some information on the Tippett page of my site – Mary Jane Tippett, who married Nathan Rounsley.


Name: Derek Andrews
Date: 2007-09-20
Names of interest to you ANDREWS (and Willcocks)
Comments: Hi Lorna. I live in the south west of England and am a descendant
of Ambrose Willcocks Andrews and his wife Emma Coath who you mention in
your diary entry of 6 Feb 2007.
My father was Dennis Norman Andrews
(1913-1990). His older brother was Ambrose Herbert Andrews (known as
Bert) and their father was Ambrose (known as Brose) Willcocks who died
in his 70s in 1958.
I have a copy of our family tree that a distant relative researched back to before Ambrose Andrews and Emma Coath’s time.


Name: Catherine Hungate
Date: 2007-09-16
Names of interest to you Mcadie
Comments: My mother’s name was Margaret Calder Mcadie, before she married my father, Louis Hungate.

Name: Robert Frederick Runciman
Date: 2007-08-30
Names of interest to you Robert Herbert Runciman
and if you have any photos to contribute n/a
URL of your homepage n/a
Comments: I was born in Battersea – London – 6/7/61 my fathers name : Robert
Frederick Runciman – my mothers name: Bertha G. Hidalgo from Argentina


Name: jason ganter
Date: 2007-08-27
Names of interest to you douglas ganter
Comments: douglas ganter is my father can you give me dates or more info regarding family tree thanks

Date: 2007-08-19
Names of interest to you SINTON
Comments: Hi Lorna,
I was in touch with you in January 07. My great
grandfather was James Sinton who came down from Roxby Jedburgh with his
brother John, wife and children Janet,Allison Hall Sinton and son John.

I have a new e mail address as you can see above.

Best wishes Carole

Name: Elaine Robertson
Date: 2007-08-08
Names of interest to you Helen kelly
and if you have any photos to contribute Helen Kelly
Comments: Helen Kelly is my mother. Her proper name is Jessie Ellen Davidson
Kelly. She is now a Smith having married Alexander Kay Smith. She is
now 81 years old and my father is deceased. They had three children
Alexander Kay Smith Richard Smith and Elaine Mary Smith. If you wish to
contact me for more information do not hesitate.


Name: Helen Henderson Bennett
Date: 2007-08-01
Names of interest to you Henderson
Comments: Thanks for such a great resource, it is so well done and much improved upon since I first looked at it.

Helen Henderson Bennett, Pennington, NJ, USA
(Sister of Colin Henderson, Dunedin, NZ)


Name: Barbara Thomson
Date: 2007-07-29
Names of interest to you Manson
Comments: You have a great family page. I have been sparodically researching
my ancestors and noticed your page under a google search the other day.
One of my ancestors was a Donald Manson married Barbara Barclay. The
information I have says his father was David Manson and Mother a
Trotter. No dates for either. It seems to closely match some of your
tree. I would be intersted in your thoughts.
Other information I have is as follows:
Born Feb 1839 at Ham Cottage, Dunnet, Caithness
Came to NZ age 16.
Died 10 Oct 1904 at Oldham St, Gore, death notice copied to Australian and USA papers.
Came to NZ about 1860, resided with his uncle W Trotter at Moerakiand later at
hisuncles sheep station at Kingston. In gold times set up business at Kingston
and Nokomai, later sold and bought Woodlands run on the Waiau river. 1876
employed by the NZ Loan and Mercantile Co as manager of Belmont Sunnyside,
later Woodlands estates, later Mount Earnslaw and Lake Hayese estates (10yrs),
Then Waikai Plains station 8yrs, retired 1902 and lived on his farm at Kaiwera
(bought 8 or 9 years ago). Farm in charge of second son. Diedof a stroke.
leaving 6 sons and 5 daughters ( originally 15, 9s,6d)
All records of family lost in the Mataura flood

Thanks Barbara

Name: Maxine Vigus
Date: 2007-07-26
Names of interest to you Not sure
Comments: I casually googled my name and found your site. I was born in
Plymouth, Devon England. I have kept my maiden name due to it’s rarity
and was delighted to see that ther are more Viguses as I have not
attempted to research the name. My late father was Cornish so I wonder
about any connection there. I have recently moved to Paraparaumu from
Auckland. Feel free to contact me if you wish. Maxine


Name: carol Morris
Date: 2007-06-29
Comments: Sorry to use the guestbook again, but I’m not a wiz on the
computer. Donald had a Sister Williamina (my Great-Grandmother)
Williamina married William McCuish in Scotland (wick) He came to America
in 1884 and was accidently killed in Kansas. Story on the internet
under (William McCuish Winfield Kansas) Williamina came over here with
her children in 1886 and went to Canada where we believe Donald
was,Ontario maybe. We have a Family Tree sort-of that states that
Donald has two sons, John &Allister. The family lives in Winnipeg.
Hope this helps. Great to hear from you. I live outside of Seattle
Washington U.S.A.


Name: carol morris
Date: 2007-06-28
Names of interest to you thru diana berry bains husband
Comments: Donald Swanson, Diana berry bain’s husband was my Great-Grandmother (Williamina swanson’s) brother

Name: lynette green
Date: 2007-04-25
Names of interest to you all familtons are related?
and if you have any photos to contribute nz only
Comments: A great-grandmother was a Familton. Came to NZ in 1862 after completing her education. Remainder of family had preceded her.
you aware of the book “The Rock from which we are hewn ” put tpgether
by 2 Familtons at the time of a family gathering in 1991.
And , yes , the family seemed to have originated in Earlston.


Name: Paul Richardson
<prichardson astley.northumberland.sch .uk>
Date: 2007-04-19
Names of interest to you Yes.
and if you have any photos to contribute No
Comments: Dear Lorna,

Very interested to come across your web pages.
You may remember that we communicated with one another about 10 years
ago. Please feel free to e-mail me to let me know how you are.



Name: Eileen Whillans
Date: 2007-04-04
Names of interest to you yes – George Whillans/Jane Murray Stewart
and if you have any photos to contribute yes – picture of Robert & Adamina Whillans
Comments: Glad to see someone related on the Stewart/Pettigrew side of the
family? I have some more information for you if you are interested.
Where do I send the picture of Robert & Adamina Whillans (son of
George & Jane Whillans) to?


Name: Moira Hunt
Date: 2007-03-31
Names of interest to you No.
Comments: Noticed you had ancestors buried in the Huirangi Cemetary – where
is this Cemetary. I also have relatives buried there but it seems an
elusive cemetary to find?


Name: John Maynard
Date: 2007-02-28
Names of interest to you Armonel Maynard
Comments: No homepage, but my tree is on Genes Reunited, UK website.

Name: Katherine Southall
Date: 2007-02-01
Names of interest to you Thomas Spry and Mary Dawe
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: I have photos of Thomas Spry and his mother, Mary Dawe, plus his
second wife, Mary Dawe, plus his son, Thomas, and his son’s wife, Mary
Jane Dawe.


Name: Jim Balmer
Date: 2007-01-25
Names of interest to you John W. Balmer
and if you have any photos to contribute possibly
Comments: If you want more information on John W. Balmer and his offspring, let me know.

Name: K
Date: 2007-01-24
Names of interest to you Not sure
and if you have any photos to contribute Not sure
Comments: I am looking for information or guidance in finding ancestors. Name, Archibald, Isabella, Moses Bain.

I am hoping we are related and you can direct me to the proper places. I just started my search.

Thank you for in advance for any advice you may have for me.

K. Ridle

Name: Grant Nicholls
Date: 2006-12-23
Names of interest to you Yes, Eileen Hannah Bain is my Grandmother
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: Very informative site, keep up the good work! Regards … Grant

Name: Mark Andrews
Date: 2006-11-25
Names of interest to you samson andrews
and if you have any photos to contribute sorry no
Comments: lorna,hi my name is mark andrews great job on your family tree,i
am a descendant of samson andrews.e-mail me so we can talk more about my
family tree . look forward to talking to you.


Name: Harry and Evelyn Montgomery
Date: 2006-10-24
Names of interest to you Thomas Helson
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
URL of your homepage
Comments: Hi Lorna, glad we got those elusive Peeks sorted out. Finding them was pure luck. Harry and Evelyn in Agincourt,Ontario.

Name: N J Spur
Date: 2006-10-18
Names of interest to you My Gt Gt Gt Grandfather
and if you have any photos to contribute no
Comments: Hi lorna, Sorry to have taken so long to reply. I have a fairly
extensive family history from William Spurr buried 1780 at Walkhampton
Church.Following Jacob ,his son ,bapt 1744 married Mary ann Porch. She
was a foundling child and taken into William’s family at their home ,Hr
Ditsham Walkhampton. It was at this farm that Joseph their 4th child was
born. Please contact me at your earliest opportunity for much more
detail on the lives of the later families, Regards, Jack Spurr


Name: Freda Walker
Date: 2006-09-06
Names of interest to you No, I come to you via Jennifer Familton
URL of your homepage No home PAge, just e-mail
Comments: Lorna,
I am a professional genealogist living in England just
12 miles from the Scottish Border. I am working for Ian and Jean
Familton of Rothbury, and Jennifer Familton of Newzealand asked me to
contact you as she thinks that there may be a conection between what I
am doing and what you have done.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Freda Walker


Name: ruth trotter
Date: 2006-08-18
Names of interest to you Cairns/Wight
Comments: Great to meet you Lorna, keep up the good work.


Name: Kristen Willard
Date: 2006-06-09
Names of interest to you Margaret Sinton (1807)
and if you have any photos to contribute yes, and documents
Comments: Although Margaret married a Fairbairn, I find no connection with
your Fairbairns. I think she was lost because she left for Canada. Her
grandchildren were born in Cleveland, Ohio, and then migrated to
California in the 1930s. Margaret is my grandmother’s grandmother, all
maternal lines.


Name: George Manson
Date: 2006-05-18
Names of interest to you Possibly as previously noted
URL of your homepage
Comments: Your page has loads of information . Perhaps we can aspire to achieve the same level over time .

Name: Lois Twardy
Date: 2006-04-14
Names of interest to you Emma Bidgood
and if you have any photos to contribute Maybe – copies of copies etc
Comments: Hello Lorna
I have just discovered your page ( a big thank you )
– I had stalled out with the parents of Emma Bidgood (DOB 1846)just
having them as Mr and Mrs Bidgood in my files. I haven’t been doing
this for long. i.e. Emma Bidgood –>Sampson Toop–>Emma May
Toop–>Eli Joseph Campbell–>George Robert Campbell–>Gwendolyn
Phyllis Campbell(my Mum) and me – Lois Marguerite Twardy
Thank you for your great page and especially the information in it. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?
The photos I have are copies of copies and the scan’s are very poor. Of course you are welcome to any via email.
Lois (Richmond B.C. Canada) – near Vancouver
Where in NZ are you?


Name: Tamah Borrowman
Date: 2006-03-25
Names of interest to you Daughter of John Andrew Borrowman
Comments: My dad passed away on November 22 2005. he was 96 years old. I
just discovered his obituary is posted on the internet along with a
lovely photograph of him as engineer on the train. Not sur how to send
this to you .I found it under “Borrowman”


Name: ruth trotter
Date: 2006-03-22
Names of interest to you alison christina wight (nee cairns) was my fathers aunt.
Comments: researching the cairns family and am pleased to hear of any connections.

Name: Karen Ishbel Mackay
Date: 2006-02-19
Names of interest to you Hugh Mackay
and if you have any photos to contribute possibly
Comments: Hugh Mackay is my fathers father as far as I can tell

Name: Lorna
Date: 2006-01-05
Names of interest to you Self
Comments: Bronwyn,

Jamesina BAIN now shows up on the chart at

Her husband was a John WARES

Love to hear from you re your interest.




Name: Bronwen
Date: 2005-12-01
Names of interest to you Wares
and if you have any photos to contribute sorry no
Comments: I can’t quite get to the WARES references. Nor Jamesina BAIN?

Name: David McCalmont Manson
Date: 2005-11-05
Names of interest to you Unsure –
Comments: Am just a rookie – a student, if you will, of geneology. Family
names – Manson, Nevin, McCalmont,and Watt. Distant relation to Nathaniel
Hathorne (also spelled Hawthorne) – the writer. Interested in
information dating back prior to 1850s. I was raised near Pittsburgh,
PA. My father grew up in Washington, PA; his father was a farmer near
there. My father has information dating back to 1844 of Mansons and
Nevins in the USA. I am aware of our heritage with the Gunn Clan of the
highlands of Scotland near Thurso and of their Norse roots from the 9th –
11th centuries. I have no information in between 1840s America and the
early days of the clans. Thanks for your site.


Name: elspeth
Date: 2005-10-14
Names of interest to you maybe, VERY distant, by marriage
Comments: Hiya, Lorna

I arrived at your site through Google, and I’m impressed with the work you’ve done – the research is reassuringly solid.

I was trying to track down a Marion Aitken in Whitehaven, and think
it *may* have been your Hendersons she married into; but I haven’t yet
knuckled down to check this out. Let me explain the possible connection:

Marion was the elder sister of my great-gran Agnes Aitken. The
Aitkens came from the mining towns of Lanarkshire (with a sojourn in
nearby Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire)and arrived in Moresby Park
somewhere about 1880. They soon moved into Whitehaven. Marion (b 1874)
had around a dozen living siblings when the family moved. She grew up in
Whitehaven and married a William Henderson in 1894. He gave his age as
21 and his occupation as “blacksmith”, which probably means a smith at
the coal mine, since at that point he lived at No 1 James Pit (ie a
miner’s row) next door to Marion at No 2. On the marriage record,
William gives his father as Archibald Henderson “overman in a coal
mine”. Unfortunately, the English marriage records have no maternal
names on them.

I was fascinated to read that your Henderson family also moved from
Lanarkshire to Whitehaven in roughly the same period – likely for the
same economic reasons. William looks to be about the right age to match
your Archibald’s son. The witnesses to the marriage were Marion’s
sister, my great-gran Agnes Aitken, and one John Henderson.

The 1901 census finds the Aitken siblings in the process of going
back to Lanarkshire (some via Kirki again!)with spouses and children in
tow. Agnes was still in Whitehaven but came back to Lanarkshire with her
Cumberland-born husband and children somewhere around 1910. But I
haven’t been able to find Marion, and wondered if she perhaps died
between her 1894 marriage and the 1901 census.

I wondered if you might have any ideas about how to decide whether
or not your William Henderson was the one married to Marion Aitken? If
Marion died, it would seem pretty likely he would have remarried,
because he’d still be under 30.

If they do turn out to be related, I can fill you in on Marion’s parentage.


Name: Kate Powney
Date: 2005-09-25
Names of interest to you Yes – Thomas Sinclair b1868
and if you have any photos to contribute Yes
Comments: Hello. Thomas was my great grandfather. He was alive in 1912 but
disappeared sometime after this. I am trying to trace what happened to
him. He had 4 children, the youngest being my Grandma, born in 1912. He
was married to Agnes Hardie. Contact me if you would like further info.
Regards. Kate


Name: Donna Opai (Cross)
Date: 2005-08-01
Names of interest to you Wendy Aitken (Cross)
Comments: Hi,

I am a daughter of Wendy Aitken nee (Cross). I have viewed your
family tree and you have a couple of things wrong under our family.
Karen Cross is now married and I do not know her surname? She has no
children. Carlyn Cross is Carlyn Opai she has never been a cross &
she is my eldest daughter. Jessica Opai is also my daughter. Joanne
Cross is now Joanne Hobbs and has two children Damien Hobbs and Maddison

I hope this helps.




Name: angela McAdie
Date: 2005-07-31
Names of interest to you my fathers family
and if you have any photos to contribute no sorry
Comments: my father was Alexander Frances McAdie born in 1930/31 in Inverness

Name: David Blyde
Date: 2005-07-02
Names of interest to you Andrews
Comments: I have enjoyed browsing you web page and getting little snippets
of information – thanks. I came across a family tree booke in the New
Plymouth Library last week titled “John Anrews and Rebecca Wines” by a
Brenda Kendall.


Name: Muriel Higgins nee Fairbairn
Date: 2005-05-10
Names of interest to you Archibald Fairbairn E Houd
and if you have any photos to contribute maybe, not sure
Comments: I am the granddaughter of AF, born 1876 in Galashiels, thus gt gd d
of AF m Isabella Davidson 1871 and hold birth cert and marriage cert
for both events, thus gt gt gd d of AF, shepherd who m E Houd.


Name: Deborah
Date: 2005-05-02
Names of interest to you no
Comments: Lorna,

I found a list of your Brown names but they don’t link with those I have:

John md Margaret ROBERTS 1826 Melrose Rox.SCT chn James, Christian,
Janet, John, Joseph, Nancy, Margaret. Lived in Galashiels &

Any other lists you have ?

Are you a member of Borders Family History Soc ? That may have been
where I found your Selkirk interest originally. If so have you read
the Brown items in Vols 26, 31 and 42 ? Do you have these? #26 is sold

Are you interested in John Brown & Jessie nee Dryden of Selkirk?
I’ve come across a researcher of this family if you want details.


Name: Tricia Barnett (nee MORE)
Date: 2005-04-30
Names of interest to you Via Tara ?
Comments: Hi Lorna

Thought it was about time I stopped by the guestbook.

You have got a super site here. Well done.

I will check back often to find our link to each other in Caithness.



Name: John Hamilton
Date: 2005-04-14
Names of interest to you yes, thru’ George Familton
and if you have any photos to contribute Not on your line.
Comments: George Familton changed his name to Hamilton and lived in St
Boswells, next village to Earlstoun. As far as I can make out, many if
not most Familtons also chamged to Hamilton in C18 & C19. I can
supply at least some of his descendants, if you are interested. I have
lots of mostly distant relatives living in NZ, related to my father’s
mother Harriet Bousfield.


Name: Tina
Date: 2005-02-13
Names of interest to you Kind of – Kate Morten
and if you have any photos to contribute Sorry – none
Comments: I am interested in your Morten family. I am related through the
Stevens/ Rebecca Peveril, daughter of Henry Bampton and Ann Frances
Morten g granddaughter of Henry Morten. All of Denham / Amersham


Name: thomas andrews
Date: 2005-01-01
Names of interest to you Yes – via Martock/Pitney
and if you have any photos to contribute regretably not
Comments: I have on disc your family tree but it doed not go back quite far
enough to create a link. You have been in contact with my brother David
– a few years ago – perhaps it is time to sort it out.

Happy New Year. Regards Tom.


Name: Jane Henderson
Date: 2004-12-17
Names of interest to you Henderson’s of Fife, Scotland
Comments: I see you are in New Zealand! Greetings from Illinois, USA.

Name: Murray Sinton
Date: 2004-12-10
Names of interest to you James Sinton
and if you have any photos to contribute yes
Comments: Awesome website. Received your email this morning. Spoke to my
Dad and uncle Alec, too. Have photos of James Sinton (grandad), but not
scanned yet. Can organize that. Will reply to your email with all
information. Thanks for everything. Will keep in touch. (ps – went to
Scotland back in 86, but didn’t have anything to go on – but had a beer
with a few Sintons at the pub in Gallashields and Jedbourgh, but
couldn’t find any solid connections). Thanks again, Murray


Name: Jennifer Lloyd nee Rosie
Date: 2004-12-01
Names of interest to you George Rosie
Comments: Dear Lorna, Hi, I have just been scrolling through your site and
can’t find any reference to your fourth cousin George Rosie – can you
explain how he is connected please.

I’m still sifting through my NZ information and still can’t find the
Sinclair Bain Rosie that came over 26 June 1870 and sailed from
Liverpool on the Estrella for Auckland New Zealand. Occupation telephone
technician. Died in NZ.

best wishes from Jen in OZ


Name: dave dickens
Date: 2004-11-16
Names of interest to you mary metters was my great,great,great,great grandmother
Comments: my grandmother irene chadwick potter died 5/11/04.she is descended
from mary metters and will have her ashes spread on marys
grave,whitchurch cemetary on21/11/04.


Name: kyle,patrick,jones
Date: 2004-09-09
Names of interest to you itis thru some hnerdson that setledin kentucky upin henderason county kentucky in 182ad’s
and if you have any photos to contribute not yets theaselinage’s stiilin the works
Comments: hi sure great som,e one else working the same sure name
henderson’s family mine came out north carolinia and thenon too noertn
western kentucky as ealr as 182adand few staeyin tenn not far from
portland tenn. havetn much time realy workin that side the family cuase
trying get the others up too snuff.


Name: Barbara Cribb
Date: 2004-04-30
Comments: Looks most impressive!! How many rellies do you have of ‘unknown gender’ ??


Name: Lorna
<Contact Lorna>
Date: 2004-04-25
Comments: William Johnson,

Please contact me and tell me how we are related in more detail, your email bounced.




Name: william johnson
Date: 2004-04-20
Names of interest to you through grand parents
and if you have any photos to contribute not for now
Comments: it is beautiful to browse through this site

Name: Bill Barnes
Date: 2004-04-03
Names of interest to you Georgesons?
Comments: Will email you.

Name: Carol Martin
Date: 2004-03-19
Names of interest to you v distant coz?
Comments: Great page ,Lorna

Congrats from OZ!;))

You know that small Island west of NZ,don’t ya?


Name: Jennifer Lloyd nee Rosie
Date: 2004-03-17
Names of interest to you John Rosie and Catherine Sinclair
Comments: John Rosie and Catherine Sinclair are my great great grandparents.
One of their children James Rosie born 6 July 1829 in Wick died 7
August in Gisborne, NZ He married Dorothea Henderson born about 1835 in
Wick and died 11 June 1904 in Poverty Bay, Gisborne, NZ. They were
married on 19 October 1854 in Wick. He started Rosie’s Retail store in


Name: jax cunningham
Date: 2004-02-22
Names of interest to you mcadie
and if you have any photos to contribute no
Comments: hi lorna, forgot to tell you I check out your site and family
trees quite often found them last dec. but took a while before it dawned
on me who you were. still looking for Alex Bain’s parents. good


Name: Sarah
<you already have it>
Date: 2004-01-26
Names of interest to you 4th cousin 2x removed… 🙂
and if you have any photos to contribute sorry, no
Comments: Great site, Lorna! I keep checking back often to see your updates. I can’t wait until everything’s up! 🙂

Name: Heather Swain
Date: 2004-01-09
Names of interest to you daughter of Colin and Dianne Henderson
and if you have any photos to contribute Dad does
Comments: Hi Lorna it was very interesting having a look around, do you have any info on Isabelle Henderson sister to your Dad Les??

Because we were recently at an exhibition at the Early Settlers
Museum here in Dunedin and wondered if some of the names mentioned were
aunts of yours on your Dad’s side.

Just interested…..was there a Christine Fletcher?

Cheers Heather Ps Happy New Year!

Please pass on our love to Alice and our best wished from the Dunedin Henderson bunch


Name: David Blyde
Date: 2004-01-04
Names of interest to you through the Andrews line
and if you have any photos to contribute No
Comments: Lorna – you have done a marvelous job. Will have to revisit many
times to take in the full extent of the Andrews line that you have done –


Name: Benjamin Steven
Date: 2004-01-04
Names of interest to you may be to the McAdie’s ?
and if you have any photos to contribute no
Comments: You have much on this site, I will have to revisit a few times to explore further.

Name: Lorna
<Contact Lorna>
Date: 2003-12-15
Names of interest to you self
Comments: Testing