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DNA: Who could think that these three letters could mean so much fun for genealogists! Or even provide a future storage medium (Shakespeare’s sonnets and a 26 sec. clip of Martin Luther King’s speech in 41 grams of DNA!) On this page: Learn more Find matches Blogs and discussions Tools Projects of interest Books Should […]



WikiTree is a DNA friendly one world, collaborative tree with great privacy controls, great range of easily navigable chart options – check out the compact tree for a quick overview of your / others ancestors DNA tools accepts gedcom uploads BUT best to do in VERY small chunks as you’ll have too many duplicates to […]

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Just some of the blog posts I’ve found interesting. On this page: Genealogy How-to FamilySearch Add-ons Online Family Trees Genealogy How-to: Genealogical Maturity Model – rate your research techniques. FamilySearch Add-ons: Puzzilla RootsMapper Online Family Trees Comparison between One World Trees by Kitty Cooper Answers to Geni sceptcis by E Randol¬† Schoenberg



[stextbox id=”onthispage” caption=”On this page” float=”true” align=”right” width=”200″]Summary Where to find Pros Cons Hints[/stextbox] Summary My current favourite online tree for finding DNA connections AND for collaborative work with living relations. Where to find http://WikiTree.com Pros A One World Tree concept Great privacy controls and “trusted person” concept. Great code of honour DNA support for […]

Published trees


Some of the trees I’ve published for others: John’s GOVIERs/GROVERs – researched as a result of this conversation and published on WikiTree Gill’s STEWARTs – original family data supplemented, and uploaded to WikiTree Chris’ PARKHILLs & Camerons – research undertaken for Chris into her Irish and Scottish forebears and published on RootsWeb Freepages using TMG […]