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  1. Hello,

    I found your site after a google search for “Henry Beaumont Welsh” my great great grandfather.

    David Welsh
    Melbourne Australia

  2. I am researching a completely different person by the name of Maynard. I found a reference to him associated with an insolvent estate of a James McAdie of Terang. But this means that James would have been dead in 1861.
    Thought you may be interested – Victorian Gov Gazette Gazette 185, Date: Tuesday, December 24th 1861 page 2487.

  3. My Y-DNA is very, very close to the Y-DNA for James Wight (R-BY176503). I look forward to significant improvements in knowledge about where these lines parted ways (and where their ancestral mutations emerged), but I’m not holding my breath!

    • I can see that there are 6 variants listed for that branch you share with the descendant of James Wight (marr. Margaret Houd at Bowden in 1712), R-BY176503 and 5 others.
      So if they all turn out to be part of the haplotree downstream another tester has opportunity to split this lot into at least 2 branches.
      The neighbouring branch, R-BY176632, doesn’t appear in your, nor the descendant of James’ BigY matches, so we are talking quite a way back.
      Over on yFull I can see that you haven’t uploaded to there as YF15171 is still way up at R-P312 awaiting a match.

      I’m not sure if the vcf file alone will enable a branch to form, albeit potentially higher than your current terminal SNP, or that requires the full BAM file, but it’s worth a try. The one-off cost will cover both an initial vcf upload and any subsequent upload of the BAM.
      I do find the time ESTIMATES interesting.
      Let me know if you do that upload.
      One day I’ll find another candidate down from James – they’re not in plentiful supply.

  4. Hi
    Just wanted to let you know that Magnus Mowat was my Grand Uncle. We visited him quite often as children with my Granny Donaldina Dunnet nee Mowat. Affectionately known as Dolly.