Jul 122022

I’ve added to the yDNA page primarily to include some links to the new FTDNA SNP Discover pages. with time estimates for SNP branching with info behind the overview under the Scientific Details tab.

There are several other goodies to explore in this new, public, free, tool

Nov 132017

Added several links to the atDNA page, primarily those posted on my assorted blogs but not incorporated here.

eg Visual Phasing, some tweaks to Test or Transfer? Genesis Beta for 23andme/Living DNA

Nov 222016

A Guestbook has been added to this site.

It replaces the largely defunct RootsWeb hosted Guestbook.

Many of my pages may still point to the old RootsWeb page as it will take time to run updates to point to here instead.

As the page says, look forward to hearing how/why you found my assorted webpages.

Nov 042016

Lorna’s Links Genie Resources index updated to include the new GRO searchable index.

If you haven’t logged in to your account there for a while to order a certificate, you will be asked to (re)activate your account, or to register if you haven’t one already.

Fantastic to be able to see mother’s maiden name on births prior to 1911.

Fiona Brooker has a good blog post about the changes, as does the LostCousins Special Newsletter


Oct 302016

A snapshot as at Jun 2016 of my original RootsWeb Guestbook is now included on this site (in a sub menu under the Guestbook tab).
I’ve given up waiting for RootsWeb to get theirs operational again.
When I have my server back and fully operational a new Guestbook will be provided on this site instead.