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  1. Hi, I’m just starting to map out my family tree and came about your site researching my great grandmother Dorcas Cole, later Robertson, late Entwhistle. I am the granddaughter of Beryl Robertson (sister to Douglas) who is not on here. If you do want any information you can email me. Thanks, I’m able to add quite a few Robertsons now 🙂
    Lorene Harris.

  2. Hi Lorna,
    I and the gg granddaughter of John H. Dawe and Mary Mortimore. Their son John Dawe who married Emogene Beeman. John was born on the ship coming from England in Canadian waters.
    I was wondering if you needed any information on either of the John’s as I have a lot and childrens names etc.

    • Hi Karen,
      Just some of the family is documented in my BDM database online as there are many interconnections between the family of William Dawe and Elizabeth Willcocks and assorted branches of my tree.
      What I’m mainly looking for however is a direct male line descendant of William Dawe who might be willing to be persuaded to join the Dawe Surname DNA project
      to explore connections between, in particular, the families from Devon and Cornwall.
      Do any of the lines you have documented, make it down to present day with a direct male line Dawe?


  3. Hi Lorna
    Thank you for replying to me.
    1) To answer your question I and my cousin
    John R Sutherland have tested with family tree dna Autosomal and Y Sutherland make line. My kit on ftdna is 152721 as for gedmatch FT3512228 fir Genesis NX5402068 can you tell me who we are matching and there trees pls if there is a cost I’m happy to pay. I hope this answers your questions.

    • Linda, as I explained in a private email, neither of the Gedmatch IDs are in the public database so I have absolutely no way of telling you who you match.
      The more normal approach is for you to have found your match then contacted them with the numbers / information needed for further information to be supplied..
      Which you must have already done to have even found me me in the first place.
      But as I manage many kits basically I don’t know where to start.

  4. Hey Lorna I understand my cousin trued to reach out to you now I am can you pls tell me who I and John Sutherland match on your link if dna matches I would like an answer pls my email is carterlinda1108 at oks contact me at your earliest convenience

    • Linda,
      I answer all dna contacts so he/she should have received a reply
      But I do need to know
      a) what site you are talking about, preferably with your kit number(s) if this is GedMatch
      b) who the match is with that brought “me” or a kit I manage, to your attention (I manage many kits)
      c) what sort of test it was? I generally assume autosomal and if it isn’t, need to know
      d) something about the match size also helps


  5. Hi. Isaac Friend Daw was my ggg-grandfather. I have been looking for years on information about his English ancestors. Thanks for the added information.

  6. I always find myself searching out ancestors and I came across your site. I am a descendant of William Andrews the butcher and even have a photo of him. I’m related to the Johnston’s and McMath family. Thank you so much for sharing. I myself was raised in goderich so I love all the family history.

  7. Hi there, Isobella Duncan and Andrew Hutton were my 5th great grandparents, would love to hear more information on this line if you have any.



    • Hi Erin,
      What I’m trying to do is to narrow down where the DNA connections to their family with my Henderson/Millar family come from.
      Is it from the Hutton ancestry or the Robertson ancestry given the matches share Andrew and Isabella’s son George and wife Jane Robertson.
      Some of who I have is published on WikiTree.
      As a great collaborative tree why not contribute your branch?


  8. Hello Lorna
    My Grandfather Thomas Elliot Shortreed appears in your family tree. Fascinating to see the linkages and impressed with your work.

    • Glad to have helped
      Without checking which one he was I was about to reply that the recent updates to the Shortreed branch were thanks to a good DNA match but upon checking, that was a different branch of my tree!
      The Shortreeds obviously got around.
      The DNAmatch was a Fairbairn/Hood connection
      Your Thomas Elliot looks to be the Sinton/Mather connection (if I picked the right chap)

      Regardless, good to hear from you David

      • Thanks Lorna
        You have the right one.
        We reside in Invercargill. My mother in law was from eastern Southland and was a Henderson.
        The name Hall Henderson appears in her family as well.
        My parents were both from Hawick in the borders and there were Hendersons on both sides.
        Thanks again.


  9. Hello! I am granddaughter of Kenneth Oswald Ross. He died 25Sep1991 in Vancouver.

    You can email me anytime: ChristyRoss604 ” at”

    • Thanks Christy, that makes the third date I’ve been provided for your Granddad’s death (1993, 2000, and now 1991) !
      Good to hear from you.
      You have a lot of “cousins” around the world.

  10. Hi Lorna
    I’ve stumbled across your site looking to find out a bit more information about my grandfather, Maurice Stephenson, who was the son of Tweddle Stephenson. Its fascinating where random googling takes you!

    • And isn’t it fascinating how we get reminded of people in our research when people pop up on Guestbooks
      Can you confirm that Tweddie’s mother Rebecca and her first husband James Henderson, one of my “cousins”, had no children?

  11. Hi Lorna

    You really have done quite a bit of work. I am quite impressed.

    I am still looking for my Bain roots. My Grandfather Robert Alexander Bain (b. Jan 1 1861) is no where to be found. His parents listed as Donald and Isabella are no where to be found either. I check all your lineage and did not find anything. I have checked Scotland’s people and other sites as well.

    The word of mouth story is that Robert Alexander left Scotland for Canada in a hurry for some reason. My Aunt said he had 2 other siblings that left for different countries. I am curious for why he left quickly. Anyways Robert Alexander had 4 children, my grandfather George Thomas and 3 others. My Father was Robert George Bain.

    If you or anyone else finds anything let me know.



    • Hi Chris,
      Have you found him in census data back in Scotland prior to his rapid retreat?
      Unfortunately, with such a common name as BAIN it could take a while to sort him out, if ever!
      Have you thrown DNA at the problem?
      You never know what that can throw up.
      November sales are starting for all the companies at the moment.
      For a BAIN male I’d recommend taking a yDNA test at FamilyTreeDNA, at least yDNA37 but more usefully, yDNA67 if cost isn’t a barrier.
      Making sure you join the BAIN surname project there.
      Throw in a FamilyFinder test to pick up closer matches on all your ancestral lines, not just the direct BAIN males that yDNA will hopefully give you matches too (don’t hold your breath, we are still waiting for a match to the single representative of my BAIN line we’ve managed to convince to test).
      Once you have the FamilyFinder results, upload the file from that to both MyHeritage (free for matching but will cost ?? to unlock tools after 1 Dec) and GEDMatch (free).
      And if you get bitten by the bug, also throw in a test at Ancestry to see who else might pop out of the woodwork there.
      The latter has the biggest volume of testers so cannot be ignored, but has the fewest tools for working with the DNA to maximise your investment.



  12. Hello Lorna. My name is Peter Mitchell. I am the grandson of Kathleen Ida Younge, the sister of Clara Maria Younge (Junge) who married Claude William McAdie. It was their son, Noel McAdie who did the initial research into the Mitchell and McAdie families and started me down this never ending path. I currently use Family Tree Maker but I find it cumbersome and hard to use since it,s relaunch recently. I,m presently updating my McAdie tree on both Ancestry and FTM but am appalled by the large amount of incorrect data that has been uploaded to both. I was unsure about some data I was adding so I checked your tree and found what I had was correct for which I thank you. I am impressed by your web page, it is most comprehensive and easy to navigate. With thanks Peter A Mitchell

    • Hi Hilary,
      Ta for the update.
      Annie wasn’t immediately obvious in my data but a quick check shows:
      William John GALE and Hannah ROLINSON’s marriage was registered in the 1st qtr of 1901 at Bideford, Devon.
      They appear in the 1901 census in the Tosketh Hotel, Bideford, William J, civil engineer aged 32, born Bridgwater, Somerset, Hannah 24 born Worcester.
      Working back to the 1891 census the most likely candidate, a William J GALE trainee engineer, thinks he was born abt 1873 in Devon and is with his widowed mother Mary GALE in Walton on the Hill, West Derby, Lancashire (Mary shows as born abt 1837 in Devon)
      If this is the right family, in 1881 the family of John & Mary GALE were still in Walton on the Hill, with John showing as 49 naval pensioner born Devon and Mary now showing as born Bewcastle, Cornwall, and William J J as scholar, 8 b. Devon.
      The likely birth registration is:
      GALE, WILLIAM JOHN JEWELL JEWELL (mother’s maiden name)
      GRO Reference: 1872 D Quarter in PLYMOUTH Volume 05B Page 280
      where John GALE and Mary JEWELL married in Plymouth in 1863
      Their marriage cert. on the Devon parish registers shows John as ships carpenter on the HMS Revenge, son of Abraham GALE, labourer; Mary as dtr of Henry JEWELL, carpenter, both signed the cert. and the witnesses were a William and Mary GALE.
      At which point I gave up tracking, I don’t have any Abraham GALEs in my data sorry


  13. Hi Lorna!

    I see you have John Safley 1766 to 1832. He is my 3rd great grandfather. Was wondering where you got his death date. I would love to know where he is buried. Thank you so much for your time.

    • I have to admit that is an unverified date from OneWorldTree extracted back in 2008 Margaret.
      I couldn’t find it in SctPeople deaths/burials, but don’t know whether or not Carrington in Midlothian actually has any burial records recorded in the OPRs.

  14. Lorna…………….I looked at your website in pursuance of the history of the Ware’s. I am writing a history of the Warren in which they lived up to 1963 when the last (Elizabeth Ware, wife of Percy, son of Nicholas and Emmeline (Granny Ware)) left and move to Plympton near Plymouth. I live some 10 miles from Ditsworthy Warren House and visit the are frequently.


    • Good to hear from you Colin.
      I do still chuckle at finding relatives who farmed rabbits when, where I come from, different time, different place, different realities, they are such a pest even resulting in the annual Easter Bunny hunt

      All the best with your history.
      I can’t remember if I published the newspaper articles I found online about the school absenteeism at certain times of the year when all hands were needed at the warren.
      The Ware children featured.

  15. Hello,
    Just stopping by to say that I’m a great granddaughter of Elisabeth Aitken Wight. Her daughter, Helen Carruthers Glass was my Gran, my mother’s mother.

  16. Hi Lorna, I have a Henderson matrilineal heritage proven back to ca 1800 in Roxburghshire where it crosses the Fairbairn line in an intriguing manner. My Greatgrandmother, Margaret Henderson, nee Dods b Stichell June 1831 was the daughter of Peter Dods b Eccles/Greenlaw1803 and Jalah Sinnah Fairbairn b ca1810. My hypothesis is that Sinnah Fairbairn was the daughter of someone connected with the military or colonial service. So far I have been unable to trace her before her marriage.
    As a Henderson you may already know but several of the above family emigrated to Canada and New Zealand and Dod(d)s Henderson and variations of the name Sinnah eg Senny, Sonny and, possibly, Jeannie appear associated with Henderson through various offspring.
    For information but if it triggers any interest I would be pleased to hear from you.

    • Hi Gordon.
      My main Henderson line is actually from Stirlingshire.
      My Borders Henderson is way way earlier, with very scant info, and from Jedburgh.
      The Fairbairn however definitely intrigues me given the unusual name – and the mystery of her origins of course.

  17. hello lorna,just came across your guestbook,had a read through the e-mails,wondering if perhaps there could be the names i am researching for a friend,,these are, steven/barnetson,,,also steven/mowat, the recent update i have is sutherland surname, also doull,and wares,and bain, so ,i am kept can often get lots of info from guestbooks. regards helen.

    • Hi Helen,
      Sounds a promising set of Caithness type names – some of which definitely appear in my extended family, particularly BAIN, WARES and DOULL.

      For all the people connected to my tree and interconnected with each other, basic BDM info only, sometimes with a census date/place, check out my RootsWeb database LornaHenderson – which is unfortunately down again.
      I got sick of it being down a while ago, so created a temporary replacement, and then made the replacement permanent – at
      Also check out, there are several active Caithness researchers updating there.

  18. Hi Lorna
    Thanks for letting me look at your tree’s. some of the dates do not properly relate to mine. I will check my ones.

    Jimmy W

  19. Hello
    just sending you this message to say thank you for your research on Catherine Fraser (manson)
    she was my 3 times aunt my name is James mcgregor Fraser i was born in Inverness
    ive been doing alot off research myself on both off my family ,Mcgregors and Frasers

    James MCGregor Fraser

    • My pleasure James, and thank you for contacting me.
      Curious which of Catherine and Alexander’s siblings you descend from – both ended up with family connected to mine, Alexander’s daughter Jamesina’s husband was one of “my” GRAY family, and of course Catherine married my 2* great uncle George MANSON.
      I kept hoping that their (Catherine and Alexander’s) mother Jamesina BAIN might end a BAIN rellie – but that would appear to need DNA matches to come anywhere near close to being proven.
      Feel free to extend the family over on WikiTree (which I see I’ve not been back in and tidied up the bios since the initial import)
      WikiTree is a great collaborative, free, online tree, great for connecting up pedigrees – and very DNA friendly if that’s your thing – it certainly is mine 🙂

  20. Hi Lorna,
    Just been checking some old notes in a book and I found from TROVE which is our national Newspaper site the following death:
    MANSON on the 15th April at the Home for Incurrables, Fullarton, of Bronchitis, Catherine Monson, late of Caithness, Scotland aged 59 years. Beloved by all who knew her.

    Fullarton is a suburb of adelaide, South Australia.

    Do you have details of other MANSON’s in SOuth AUstralia?

    • Not a one Jenny.
      Searching my db for manson or monson where the state contained SA only brought up two in Saskatchewan.

      PS my WorldConnect DB LornaHenderson is about to be refreshed, and the “temporary” replacement one is in the process of being updated as I write this.
      The main webpages, were updated a few days ago, so the MANSON descendant chart should reflect your branch with the children I believe belong to Donald and Magaret, ie excluding any from Donald ANGUS’ 2nd wife that show up on the 1881 census as his children

    • Hi Jenny,
      On a quick check of a few records, I could be easily convinced you’ve found what happened to Margaret MANSON. Although I can only find 4 children, with a gap where their might be one more.
      What I’ve found will be in the next update of WorldConnect db LornaHenderson, and I’ll send you an email.


      • Thank you. You have done a massive job. I was unsure about going any further when in Scotland to follow through with MANSON when I found Alexander MANSON married Helen MANSON. In the short time I had it was too complicated for me with little knowledge of the area and people. It has been great to read through all you have achieved.
        Just for interest Margaret’s mother in law was Isabella HENDERSON born at Reay in 1807. After seeing your work I do not hink I will try to go much further with that one either.
        Once again congratulations on what you have achieved

  21. Hi Lorna

    I saw this online and just called my grandmother in New Zealand who confirmed this is our family. I am Robin Hastie’s (Pittar) granddaughter who lives in Australia (so there is now 3 additional generations to extend from Robin in your records). I’d love to get in contact with you to understand more about our family.

    • Good to hear from you cousin!
      Will send you an email – but I really only know about from Catherine HENDERSON down (my connection being her uncle William) – have you found yet?
      Great, free, collaborative site for sharing family information for posterity – great privacy controls for the living as well if necessary.

  22. Hi Lorna
    I am the granddaughter of Eda Madeline Fairbairn from Kirwee born 1892 who married Ernest Percival Dunn in 1920 I know very little about her family and I am trying to piece together any information. I remember meeting my fathers cousins many years ago but can not remember their names. I have a photograph of Jane Hutton Malcolm Kirk Johnson my great grandmother if you would like a copy
    Bev Rowe nee Dunn

  23. I am busy with my family tree and searching all over. Unfortunately I started to late doing this as my parents and grandparents have passed away and don’t have much info. My Grandfather was Thomas Grant Turnbull born 18/12/1890 and I was told ne was born in Scotland (no sure were though). My late father is Brian Ambrose Turnbull born in South Africa. I have really enjoyed looking at your site.
    Take care and if you do have any info I will be ever so grateful.
    Kind Regards – Diane

    • Most of us start too late to ask the older generations Diane.

      Have you tried searching ScotlandsPeople for your grandfather’s birth?
      I note that from 1889 to 1891 there are no Thomas Grant Turnbull birth registrations but several that don’t have a middle name that might be him.
      And if his parents were still in Scotland for the 1891 census, you may be able to pick him up in that.

      Enjoy this fascinating hobby,

  24. Hi Lorna,
    Your cousin Shirley here. I have been becoming more and ore interested in family history. Your site is amazing.
    I have been particularly interested in antecedents of the First Land War in 1860. I found clippings that mentioned Jane Andrews as being somewhat forceably sent off to Nelson in August 1860 when families were in the New Plymouth stockade yet I see her eldest daughter Sarah got married in NP in October 1860. …and at the fmily house “Devonport” when other accounts say the family had to leave their house which was outside the stockade and therefore was probably burnt down. Can you shed light on these matters?

    • Hi Bill,
      Have you tried
      I appear to have a distant DNA connection to a couple of cousins who share COGHILL, and their Caithness COGHILL family is there.

  25. Just poking around looking for Andrew and Amelia bBoyes, I saw their grave a few days ago at South Malvern and just got curious. Seemed vaguely familiar since I am from Oamaru.
    Anyway thanks for the info. You have put a lot of work in here.
    Warm Regards, Kay

  26. Hi,
    I am helping my S i L with her tree & found another generation here on your site John Mitchell #65979 & Mary Walls #65974!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Fantastic. It is all about sharing.
    My own F/t research has 59 generations , so I am having a breather from Royalty & seeing where this new search goes.

    • Hi Alan,
      Glad to have helped.
      By 1851 Mary shows up in the Dunfermline census at the Halbeath Colliery as:
      MITCHELL: Mary 51 bone setter b Dunfermline, FIF; Dtr Agnes 23 dressmaker b Dunfermline; Visitor: Charlotte MORGAN 7 scholar b Dalgetty, FIF.

      Not related to me, but dtr Catherine and her husband Robert emigrated (1874) to Port Chalmers, Otago, NZ and Robert is related to one of my HENDERSON xth cousins, whom I was happy to help out with the research for.


  27. Part of my tree includes the Dawe(or Daw) family. I found your site searching for a William Dawe who married Betty Scobel. I’ve got all I can from FindMyPast and Family search as well as other sites. I do like to put names into my search engine and see what comes up. On this occasion your site came up. It shows nothing I didn’t know, but it’s still good to see it.

    • Good to know someone else has been researching the family Stafford.
      Several connections to my lot in there.
      I seem to recall that parts of the family led me on a merry dance untangling who connected to whom, particularly the Newfoundland connection.

      Should you ever come across a direct male line DAWE descendant of William and Betty’s send them along to the DAWE Surname DNA project on FamilyTreeDNA 🙂

  28. You contacted me thru 23and Me I cannot figure out how to send my reply since they changed everything. If you will send me an email I will send you the info you asked for in an email

  29. hello Lorna
    I stumbled across your tree in Ancestry
    My paternal great granddad is on there but you have the date of birth a wee bit out 🙂
    James Fairbairn – Mother Mary Fairbairn (nee Turnbull) and Father James Fairbairn
    The full date of birth is 03.04.1887 – I have a copy birth cert if you’d like a scanned copy of the same
    Kind regards
    Alison Crammon (nee Fairbairn)

    • Hi Alison,
      Good to hear from you. Perhaps I typo’d the year when I extracted that from a post of yours on GenForum back in 2002 !
      I’d love a copy of the cert. please.
      Don’t suppose you have a handy direct male line FAIRBAIRN from that family who might be interested in representing them in the FAIRBAIRN Surname DNA Project?

  30. Guess you know I have upgraded from 37 markers to 67.
    I now have 20 Fairbairne’s close to me, plus 3 Farris’s.
    But I still have an Irwin at a genetic distance of 2
    Can you change your blog ?
    I am F-60
    Gil is my brother

    • Hi Gil,
      We’d all like to know the answer to that one!
      Keep an eye on progress via the Fairbairn One Name Study and DNA Project blog/diary.
      This latest post shows our current attempt to throw science at the problem to at least determine when the Fairbairns and Elliots in particular were all on the same branch of the I1 haplogroup tree of mankind.
      Basically, in the last sale round, four BigY tests were thrown at the problem from the Fairbairn side but we also need a representative ELLIOT or two as well – ideally at least one of them also testing BigY and getting their results analyzed at but if that’s beyond the budget, at least one of them to do the I1-Z140 SNP pack, or the individual SNPs for the branch now identified as at least belonging to the Lineage 1e FAIRBAIRNs.
      When all four results are in and finished analysis at we should have a better time estimate for at least some of this.
      Talk to your fellow tested Elliotts and drum up some support for the investigation.