Aug 072017

Link added to atDNA Tools page to Shelley Crawford’s explanation on how to use NodeXL to provide very handy network diagrams of which of your Ancestry matches are ICW whom. See also my post on DNASurnames for my first attempt at using the technique.

Jan 272014

A few notes have been added about X Chromosome matches. This appears under the Finding Matches page for logged in users.

Oct 172013

A few snippets have been added to the atDNA notes, particularly relating to % shared, and probabilities of detecting a match

Jun 222013

The DNA presentation notes are being expanded to include making the most of your autosomal DNA (atDNA) matches. Mostly an exploratory exercise as I try to document what I’m doing as I learn more and figure out how best to do this. Learn along with me if you have registered for the site, particularly if […]

Aug 302012

DNA section under transfer from prior LornaGenie site – getting ready for a talk at the NZSG Porirua Branch   12th September.