Oct 112016

Bit of maintenance underway to rationalise the assorted sections of the site into one slightly more coherent whole.

A casualty of the first step was site unavailability for a few days while frantically searched around on how to dig myself out of  a self-created mess!

Please report any links that go nowhere – you may find them quicker than I do as I work through the pages.

Oct 172013

A few snippets have been added to the atDNA notes, particularly relating to % shared, and probabilities of detecting a match

Jun 222013

The DNA presentation notes are being expanded to include making the most of your autosomal DNA (atDNA) matches.

Mostly an exploratory exercise as I try to document what I’m doing as I learn more and figure out how best to do this.

Learn along with me if you have registered for the site, particularly if you have tested, eg Family Finder, 23andme or Geno 2.0.

For the experts’ “how-tos” however, subscribe to the ISOGG DNA Newbies and the RootsWeb DNA for genealogy lists.

Aug 302012

DNA section under transfer from prior LornaGenie site – getting ready for a talk at the NZSG Porirua Branch   12th September.

Aug 212012

Any of you have visited my old LornaGenie site will be able, eventually, to find the same content here.

The changes are that this umbrella site brings together a number of my separate sites all into the same WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for ease of updating, consistency of treatment, and an inbuilt registration/log in system.