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Finding matches

WikiTree: Find any person of surname x where someone within 8 degrees of separation has indicated they have taken an atDNA test (substitute your SURNAME of chose – caps not necessary):


Behold Genealogy: Double Match Triangulator
I particularly like his clear definition/distinction between

  • Double match
  • Triangulation
  • Full triangulation

See also TheLegalGenealogist’s blogpost about this new tool (Nov 2016).


  • Free tools
    Try the One to Many report for selected people and use the 3D chromosome browser option to see who all matches whom all else of your selection on which segment
  • Tier one tools (subscription)
    Use DNAGedcom’s instructions for the GEDMatch Matching Segment Search/Triangulation downloads to import the data for a kit from GEDmatch into DNAGedcom for use in the latter’s Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer.
    Try the new (Nov 2016) Triangulation Groups which Jim Bartlett explained on the Rootsweb DNA list as:
    Think the way it works is like Tree branches: You are the trunk – everyone listed is a Match with you. Then some closer relatives are listed taking off from the trunk; then some smaller branches – taking off from the closer relatives (not the trunk) which form Triangulated Groups. Jim –

Blog posts


X Chr

Roberta Estes DNA-explained: X Marks the Spot
and the follow up: That Unruly X – Chromosome that is
Kitty Cooper: What does shared X DNA really mean