Some yDNA specific resources:

Haplogroup trees and SNP info


Public yDNA Haplotree

continually growing as more tests refine the tree – TEST NOW ūüôā

The associated new (Jun 2022) SNP “Discover” information, including ages.
Roberta Estes’¬†post about this Discover info.

Do remember to click on the Scientific Details link from the DNA Haplogroup Story and the Time Tree from either a project or haplogroup view.

And do a project search for eg a surname of interest.

Haplogroup branches of particular interest to me:

R-BY19589: Jenkins (my Henderson)
I-BY21380: Fairbairn
I-S6273: McAdie
R-BY45070: Dawe
I-A11399: Runciman
R-BY113535: Sinton
R-BY176503: Wight

SNPTracker – follow the path of a terminal SNP through time and era (SNP must be in FTDNA Haplotree)


For an ever growing, easily navigable, searchable for specific SNPs, tree of all haplogroups – with age estimates of the branches.
If you have tested Next Generation Sequencing such as BigY – do think of adding yet more value to your investment by having the results analyzed at YFull. As more people test and get added the tree is continually refined, as is YOUR terminal SNP with no further effort on your part.
You are contributing to the fascinating and fast growing science and knowledge of mankind.

Branches of specific interest to me:
R-S7361 for my Henderson
R-L159.2 for the Richardsons of Morebattle, Roxburghshire
I-Y32666 for the Fairbairn cluster(s)
I-Z60 – subbranch I-Y22033 for the matching I1 Runciman lineages

Alex Williamson’s “The Big Tree

“This is a draft phylogenetic tree for the R-P312 Y-DNA haplogroup. The data for this tree come from NGS sources including the BigY test at FamilyTreeDNA, the various tests at FullGenomes as well as the 1000 Genomes project. These are discovery tests. They sequence the DNA to reveal novel SNPs and INDELs which mark new branches of the tree. If you wish to be included in this project, you must complete one of these NGS tests.”

Branches of specific interest to me:
R-S7361 for my Henderson
R-ZZ7 for the Richardsons of Morebattle


My own haplogroup trees (Haplo I, Haplo R), for those yDNA testees of particular interest within assorted surnames projects I administer at FamilyTreeDNA (definitely lag behind the above, there’s only so many hours in a day!)

ISOGG’s yDNA trees:

NB Uses long form names, eg R1b1a1a2a1a2c1a6 is L1335.
Has historical views of the tree available.
Haplogroup R
Haplogroup I


The ultimate yDNA test – unless you do full genome testing.
The test that keeps on giving.
As this is a discovery test, as more people test, the more tree revisions, and refinement, repositioning you on the tree of mankind closer and closer to present day.

DNAExplained has a number of useful blog posts but in particular try this one

Y DNA: Step-by-Step Big Y Analysis

Check out David Vance’s has assorted yDNA videos, eg DNA Concepts for Genealogy Y-DNA


Haplogroup predictor(s) from autosomal raw DNA files

Yes, yDNA prediction from your atDNA test.


Haplogroup R resources

Age Analysis Рprimarily R-U106, R-P312 coming: Iain McDonald, Honorary Research Fellow in Genenealogy, Paleography and Heraldry at the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Strathclyde.