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Where to find


My current favourite online tree for finding DNA connections


for collaborative work with living relations.

Where to find


A One World Tree concept

Great privacy controls and “trusted person” concept.

Great code of honour

DNA support for connecting families
This isn’t DNA results, just family connections.
ie mark the person who did a DNA test with what sort of test it was and a batch process puts a message on the profile (aka person page) of everyone who may be interested in the results.

For Y-dna test, all the direct male lines up, and down from the most distant ancestor are marked

ditto for mtDNA on the mothers up the direct maternal line, and down to each child of a woman, but only down to the next generation from the females

FamilyFinder/23andme atDNA up and down 6? generations to reflect who may have inherited genes in common with the test taker

Great for finding where your FamilyFinder matches might be – IF trees are accurate of course.


Although you can do an initial load via a gedcom, this isn’t a “round trip” whereby you can regularly re-update with another gedcom of the same people.


Only load a mostly “finished” branch of a tree at a time, linking to existing people

You will not be able to upload a large gedcom, nor mark more than 10 people as “duplicates to be merged later”, at import.

Although the default settings work well, do think before adding someone to a trusted list.

Anyone on a trusted list can download a gedcom of the data they’ve been trusted with.


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