AKA genetic genealogy, DNA testing for genealogy is growing in popularity as it proves its worth, and the prices come down.

The more people who test, the more the jigsaw of family trees are completed, more accurately.

Check out the DNA pages for further information.

But if you feel you need more help to get started, or to interpret and make the most of your results, please use the Contact form, I’d be pleased to help you.

If you are in the Kapiti area, I run a DNA interest group for Kapiti Genealogy.

We meet two monthly on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

It’s a completely informal group where the only dumb questions are those unasked.


If you have been helped by any of my webpages or myself, donations are always welcome to keep the information and help coming.

Any contributions may be made via my FamilyFinder DNA Project.

Scroll down the above page and select the Donate to the General Fund link – or, order yourself a DNA test and join the wonderful community of genetic genealogists – Y-DNA37 (at lest, 67 preferred) for males, FamilyFinder for all of us, both to get the best coverage for all of your family history (mtDNA is of limited use for genealogical timeframes).


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